Meow Monday – George

It’s hard to believe we adopted George 3 years ago this July. He was such an adorable kitten, completely irresistible.

George as a kitten

Right from the moment we brought him home, George has been J-Man’s best friend. He hates when J-Man’s door is closed and will stand on his hind legs and try to turn the door knob with his front paws until Jeff lets him in.

George the kitten with J-Man

Way to rock your Disney Side George! No wonder I love this cat. He’s super sweet to J-Man and he’s a Disney fan. As if there was any other option at our house.

George the cat showing his Disney Side

He’s also a goofball.

George the cat being silly

Meet Mooney, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!



Mooney is a 1 year old male domestic shorthair mix who’s looking for a new home. He’s a handsome guy who deserves another chance.

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Road Trip Meow Monday

It’s a road trip Monday and crazy as it seems, we didn’t bring our cats for the weekend so I don’t have any new pictures to put up. I’m sure a 7 hour road trip with several cats would be super fun but we only brought the dogs, you know, because we’re mean like that.

Here’s our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!


Dora is a beautiful black female domestic shorthair mix who is 5 years old. She loves attention but does not love dogs. Her previous family got a dog and the two of them did not get along so, Dora came to Lollypop Farm to find a new home. We recommend that she be your one and only pet and with her love of attention, she’s the only one you’ll need! Come meet Dora at Lollypop Farm!


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Meow Monday – Tired Cat

Tired Cat

Let’s be honest once a cat gets older they sleep a lot. I don’t know why we use the term catnap when we want to take a quick nap. Seriously a catnap is more like 6 hours than 20 minutes. Cats have mastered the art of napping like it’s their job.

Rosie is an expert napper. She can’t hear anything so nothing disturbs her. Most nights when it’s time for bed I have to go find her and she’s usually sound asleep somewhere.









Meet Gracie, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.


Gracie is a 1 year old female domestic shorthair mix. When we took her photo, she was not used to being in the cattery which she handled by snuggling up under her towel. Now she’s a friendly girl who seeks out attention and loves to be petted. She’s at Lollypop Farm for the second time through no fault of her own and we’d love to find her a home where she can be your new best buddy. Come meet Gracie at Lollypop Farm!


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Killer of Small Defenseless Animals

This is a re-post of a couple of older posts where I am a killer of small defenseless animals. Because it’s a re-post only one squirrel actually lost his/her life.

I’m so sorry Mr. Squirrel. I really didn’t mean to hit you. I tried to slow down and I have to say, in my defense, I wouldn’t have hit you if you had kept running. It was because you did that stupid squirrel thing where you dart back and forth in the road in some lame attempt to disorient the driver so they swerve and hit a tree. I didn’t fall for it and instead ran you over. Oops! My bad! It really was an accident and something I really didn’t want to do in my husband’s car. He keeps it so clean and now there’s sure to be squirrel guts splattered on the bottom of his car. Not that you care anymore. Tomorrow I have to drive that way again and I’m sure to see you there in the middle of the road and I’ll know that I was the one who caused your horrible death. It’s just something I’ll have to learn to live with. I emailed Stacy hoping she would make me feel better about being a killer of squirrels and this was her sympathetic response:

You killed secret squirrel!! OMG!! How could you? You animal runner-over!

The squirrel killing saga continued over the next couple days

Killing that damn squirrel had bigger ramifications than I ever could’ve imagined. Rich and I had switched cars on Tuesday so he could bring mine in to the repair shop to have the annoying squeak repaired. (still not fixed even though they said it was. Maybe they should’ve driven it before they said it’s fixed, but that’s another story). So now it’s Wednesday and I have my non-squeak-free truck back and Rich has his car back. He is meeting some guy from Denmark and he is supposed to take out Denmark Guy to dinner. That night Rich is driving on the highway and his car just stops running for no apparent reason. Rich manages to pull over and get it started again. They go have dinner, but on the way back it’s doing the same thing. He manages to get Denmark Guy back to the hotel and Rich calls me to pick him up because he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his car.

Rich: You need to come get me, my car won’t start.

Me: Okay, where are you?

Rich: I’m in the lobby of the hotel behind John Doe Pontiac.

Me: I have no idea where John Doe Pontiac is.

Rich: It’s where I bought my car.

Me: I don’t know where you bought your car, I wasn’t with you.

So he proceeds to give me directions: go past the dealership were we got your truck and it’s just past that on your right.

Me: Do you mean the Marriott? The hotel we stayed at when Jack and Jill got married?

Rich: That’s it.

Men’s landmarks are car dealerships. Women’s landmarks are memories.

Back at home that night this was our conversation,

Rich: So you ran over a squirrel yesterday?

Me: Ya, I did.

Rich: You didn’t even tell me. I had to read it on your blog.

Me: You were asleep when I got home.

Rich: I was at work all day. You could’ve called me.

Me: Why would I call to tell you that? Would you call me to tell me you hit a squirrel?

Rich: I don’t know, maybe. Did you hit it with the tire?

Me: Of course I hit it with the tire. How big of a freaking squirrel do you think I hit?

Rich: Are you sure it was a squirrel?

Me: Oh…that’s right, car trouble, must be the woman’s fault.

Turns out it had something to do with the drive train not that naughty Mr. Squirrel.

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Secret Kiss Cookies

secret kiss cookies

Oh man, Secret Kiss Cookies are the best and so simple to make! Nothing better than a tall glass of ice cold milk and biting into a still warm from the oven shortbread cookie and finding a secret milk chocolate Hershey’s Kiss inside. Yum!

This recipe originally came from Sissy’s godmother. She brought them to a party at our house and I just had to have the recipe. Now, it’s one of my go to recipes for J-Man. Because it’s egg-free they are a perfect as a special treat.

Secret Kiss Cookies

 Secret Kiss Cookies

1 cup butter – softened

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1 & 3/4 cups Flour

Approx 36 Hershey’s Kisses – unwrapped

Powdered Sugar

Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl. Gradually add the flour. Blend and chill the dough for one hour. Take the chilled dough and mold approximately 1 TB of the dough around each Hershey’s Kiss. Roll into a ball, making sure the Hershey’s Kiss is completely covered. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes. Roll in powdered sugar while still warm.

Tip: It’s easier to put some powdered sugar into a Ziploc bag and gently shake the bag, covering the cookies. Then I use a spoon or a fork to carefully lift them out. Once they are coated and cooled, store the Secret Kiss Cookies in an airtight container and watch how fast they disappear.



If you make them, I’d love to hear how you liked them!

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Meow Monday

Meow Monday

Whenever we had a litter of foster kittens we would keep them in the laundry room. Rosie was our last foster and she still considers the laundry room as hers. Every night she waits for me to open the door and let her in. Because she is so curious she is always trying to climb into the washer or dryer while I’m using them. She bats at the water as the washing machine is filling and jumps into the dryer as soon as I open it. Don’t worry I always make sure I check the dryer before I close the door. You never know who might be in there.

Meow Monday - Rosie the cat in the dryer

Here’s Edward, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week



Edward is a 4 year old male domestic medium hair who is at Lollypop Farm for the second time through no fault of his own. Edward is a real cuddle bug. He loves being petted and held. Who can resist that handsome face? Come meet Edward at Lollypop Farm!

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Meow Monday

Usually I post a photo or two of one of my cats but they weren’t being too cooperative. There’s been some rumors floating around that they’re going on strike. You know how cats are.

You can meet Tommy, he’s our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.


Tommy is a handsome 10 year old male domestic shorthair mix. He got left behind when his humans moved away. Tommy’s looking for a nice “retirement home”. He’s available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program.


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Rosie Posy Meow Monday

Rosie Posy Meow Monday

It’s hard to believe that Rosie is one! I still remember when we brought her home as a tiny foster kitten with plans to keep her until she was old enough to be spayed and adopted to a new home. That was before we knew she was deaf and then everything changed.

Rosie Posy Meow Monday

Rosie wants you to know that there are plenty of cats and kittens available for adoption at Lollypop Farm and there’s a special adoption event this week!

Rosie Posy Meow Monday Free cat day June 26 2014

Yes, it’s true, all cats are free to adopt on Thursday, June 26, 2014. In case you have any questions about what kind of cats are available for free check out this video

Meet Piper, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week

Rosie Posy Meow Monday Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week


Piper is a 2 year old female domestic shorthair who came to Lollypop Farm because she and her kitten had been abandoned and needed homes to call their own. She’s a sweet, confident girl who isn’t shy about asking for attention. She’s been a little bossy around other cats and is not a fan of dogs. Come meet her and see if she thinks she should go home with you!



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Canal Days

Canal Days

This weekend we spent some time at Canal Days in Fairport, NY. It’s a 2 day festival celebrating the Erie Canal. Before we moved to the Rochester, NY area, the Erie Canal was just something we learned about in history class. Here it’s a vibrant part of every day life, a place where people walk, boat, jog, and cycle along the canal. Ye, we totally miss the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire but at least we have the canal.

Every year during the first weekend in June the village of Fairport holds Canal Days and it’s such a popular event that almost always the attendance for the weekend event usually exceeds 200,000 people.

Today I took a couple of pictures from the Lift Bridge of the canal and the boats.

Canal Days Fairport NY

Here you can see the tents of some of the craft and food vendors.

Canal Days Fairport, NY Erie Canal

Okay, no surprise the wine ice cream food truck was my fav!

Canal Days Fairport, NY Wine Not Food TruckI went with the Kahlua Espresso ice cream. Who wouldn’t?

Canal Days Fairport NY Kahlua Espresso Ice Cream

So creamy and delicious. I definitely could’ve eaten a bigger serving. I did share one spoonful with my husband, but that was it. I know, but he totally could’ve gotten his own cupful of yummy Kahlua ice creamy goodness.

Canal Days Wine Not Ice Cream

I’ll definitely be looking for the Wine Not Ice Cream Food Truck at all the local festivals this summer!

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First Rule For Parents of Bloggers

First rule for parents of bloggers?

Pictures! Always get pictures!

Case in point from earlier this week when I received a the following text messages from my parents.

First Rule for Parents of Bloggers

Aargh! No pictures!

First Rule for Parents of Bloggers

At least I did express concern that they were okay. Granted it was after asking if they took pictures, but still I did say it.

Apparently my mother was more concerned they were going to evacuate the neighborhood because there was going to be some sort of SWAT Team standoff. Go figure. I’ll give them a pass this time. It’s not like they get a SWAT Team in their neighborhood every week or ever. Next time they’ll be ready.

What did we learn is the first rule for parents of bloggers? Pictures! Always take pictures. This applies to brothers, sisters, children, significant others, aunts, uncles, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who might know a blogger.

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