Meow Monday

Happy Meow Monday!

I hated to say goodbye to the weekend. The weather was perfect and we spent a lot of time outside on our new deck. It’s not quite finished but since we don’t have any toddlers to worry about falling off the edges, we chanced it.

Snuffy seemed to enjoy it most of all. He was out there with us for about 2 hours. He relaxed on the chaise, checking out all the sights and sounds, and tried to catch a rabbit on the way back inside. The loud snorting and tall human walking behind him holding a leash kind of makes it hard to sneak up on anything. He wanted to run into the bushes after the bunny but I was mean and wouldn’t let him.

Snuffy enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Meet Sunny, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Sunny #38620386

Sunny is a 3-year-old male domestic shorthair mix. He’s got an interesting bunch of spots on his mostly white coat.  He and many of his feline friends are waiting to find a new home at Lollypop Farm.

During the month of June, all cat adoption fees are 50% off for cats under 6 years of age.  Cats over age 6 are available free of charge to approved adopters.  Come meet Sunny and all his cat buddies at Lollypop Farm!

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Hug Your Cat Day Meow Monday

What? There’s an actual Hug Your Cat Day? First off, do you have a cat you can hug? I know I can hug one of my cats, the rest of them, nope.

Jezebel acts like she would welcome a hug and her fur is bunny-soft, but she’s not big on PDA and bites or scratches as soon as you try. She’s a tricky one. 

Snuffy loves all the hugs and everyone he meets. I hate to say it, but he’s more like a dog than a cat. 

Meet Geoff, he’s our cool Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Geoff  #37345474

Geoff is a 1-year-old male domestic shorthair mix whose special talent in life is supervising humans. He’s busy keeping Lollypop Farm running smoothly from the Administrative offices. This means you will not find him in the cattery but you can ask to meet him at the adoption desk. This guy is smart. He’s a whiz at clicker training and will come for treats. He’ll do best in a home with an adult or two for him to boss around.
June is #AdoptACatMonth at Lollypop Farm! 

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Meow Mondayish

So, it’s not really Monday anymore, but last week was really tough and I’m not really over it yet.

We are jumping right to our pet of the week, who is currently still available. Who can resist that cute face?

Meet Monkey, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Monkey #38616793

Little Miss Monkey was not feeling like modeling for our photographer but she’s still quite pretty.  She’s a 6-year-old female domestic longhair mix with a lovely buff colored coat.  She’s available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program. If you would like more information please call Lollypop Farm at 585-223-1330.

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#CashIsGreener $500 Cash #Giveaway

I don’t know about you, but until the last 2 weeks, spring has been in hiding in our neck of the woods. Finally, we have flowers and green grass! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for spring to arrive.

To celebrate spring’s arrival, we’ve joined with 19 other amazing bloggers for the #CashIsGreener Giveaway. The giveaway is for $500 Canadian cash. No, I’m not from Canada, but most of the other bloggers in the giveaway are from there. Although, someone once told me it sounded like I had a Canadian accent.

Who couldn’t use extra cash? I know I could, the spring projects are endless. We need to build a deck for our pool, paint the exterior of our house, and do some updating to the deck off of the house, extra cash would sure come in handy.

The Giveaway

One extremely lucky reader is going to win $500 in cold, hard Canadian cash in the #GrassIsGreener Giveaway! To be eligible to win please complete the Rafflecopter below with your qualifying answers. Don’t forget to come back every day and to earn extra entries! This giveaway is open Worldwide to residents over the age of 18. It is void where prohibited by law, for example in Quebec, Canada. Please read the giveaway rules before entering. Terms and conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter. This giveaway will end on June 10th, 2018 at 11:59pm est. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Mandatory entry, answer the question below in the comments.

How will you spend your cash if you win the #CashIsGreener Giveaway?

Happy Spring!

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Meow Monday

Last week was kind of a lost week blogging wise. I switched hosts for the blog and thank goodness they handled the migration for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have a website any longer. It was 8 years ago when I last switched and it wasn’t easy, well, for me anyway.

I’m going to keep this Meow Monday short and jump right to our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Chloe #2695903

Chloe is an 11-year-old domestic shorthair mix who’s looking for a new home.  This pretty girl is available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program.  Come meet her and all her feline friends in the Cattery!

Aww, she’s so pretty!

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