Valentine Meow Monday

It’s a Valentine Meow Monday. Do you do anything special for your pets on Valentine’s Day?

Rosie wants my red mittens for herself. She’s so weird, but then, most cats are. That’s why the internet is loaded with cat memes and videos.

Rosie a white cat biting a red mitten

If you’ve been thinking about adding a special pet to your family, now is a great time. Lollypop Farm is having an adoption special just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Lollypop Farm Adoption Special featuring a cat, a rabbit and a pug dog

Cyan, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week, is just one of the adorable cats available for adoption.

Cyan #37716321

Cyan is a 5-year-old male Snowshoe/Tortie mix who came to Lollypop Farm as a stray.  This guy’s sweet face and white booties (that’s the snowshoe part) make him one cool looking cat!  He’d love to find a new home where he can hang out and keep you company.  Come meet Cyan and all his feline friends at the Cattery at Lollypop Farm!

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Peacock What The Hell Wednesday

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve written a What the Hell Wednesday post, but when someone attempts to bring their emotional support peacock on a commercial airline, it’s time to dust off the what the hells.

Okay, seriously, you must’ve seen the posts on Facebook yesterday. Someone really brought their peacock to the airport and expected to bring him on the flight. The photos show the peacock just hanging out in the airport terminal perched on a baggage cart waiting for his flight. According to various news reports, United Airlines did deny boarding for the peacock and they continued their journey by car.

So many questions come to mind. Has the peacock ever flown before, well, I mean on an airplane? Where does he sit? Is he housebroken? If not, doe he wear a diaper made for peacocks? Do they even make peacock diapers? Was there a plan in case the peacock freaked out and started flying around the cabin?

People complain about crying babies, snoring people, kids kicking their seats, people who chew too loud, and just about everything else. Who would tolerate the call of a peacock? Have you heard the noise a peacock makes?

Can you imagine that on a plane? I love animals, but I would seriously freak out if I had to sit near a peacock.

I totally get the emotional bond with our pets. There’s nothing like cuddling with your pets after a stressful day and the joy and love they bring can’t be measured. Not everyone has a traditional pet like cats and dogs, and that’s okay. But there has to be common sense when we bring our pets out in public spaces. Also, know your pet and their personality and anxiety levels, and realize that not every pet will react in a calm manner in public, or an enclosed space like an airplane. We need to be considerate of each other as well. Not everyone will be as comfortable around your pet as you are and that’s okay too. You can certainly have a peacock as your emotional support animal, but maybe bringing him on an airplane isn’t the best idea. I’m happy they were able to continue their trip and nobody, peacock or person, was traumatized, or injured, in the process.

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Here’s the Plan Meow Monday

For the past few weeks, our cats have been as happy as cats can be. We’ve had a full house with everyone home and the cats  were loving the attention. Once everyone left, they had a hard time adjusting, or believing, they were stuck with just the three of us again. It seemed like they came up with a diabolical cat plan to break into our daughter’s room.

4 cats plotting to break into a room. One of the cats is attempting to open the door
Snuffy was the ringleader, telling the other cats to be the lookouts while George broke into her room. Those silly cats, always trying to one-up us. 

Azra, our Lollypop Farm of the Week, probably won’t plot against you. I’m sure it’s just our cats. 

Azra #23756933
Azra is a 3-year-old male domestic shorthair mix who is a little on the stand-offish side until he feels he knows you well enough. Cat treats go a long way in the getting-to-know-you process but this boy will need some patience. Once he does get to know you, he’s ok with being held and petted and he likes toys but not if they scoot around too fast. If you’d like to help this scaredy cat become a more confident fellow, he’d really like to go home with you. Come meet him at Lollypop Farm!

Azra, an grey and white tiger cat available for adoption at Lollypop farm.  

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What Did the Cat Ask On Meow Monday

Today is National Answer Your Cats Questions Day. You might be wondering what did the cat ask. Since I don’t really know what my cats would ask, I can only imagine.

What Did the Cat ASK Snuffy, a black and white cat with a funny nose

Snuffy: When can we go outside for a walk again?

Kimmy, a dilute calico cat with bright green eyes

Kimmy: Why do you get upset when I bite your face?

George, a fluffy buff colored cat sitting in his cardboard house

George: Why are there dogs living here? You know I hate them.

Jezebel, a rag doll breed of cat sitting in the sun

Jezebel: Why do you pay attention to the other cats? I’m the only one who matters.

What questions would your cat ask you?

Meet Thief, the Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Thief # 37043396

Thief is a 6-year-old male domestic shorthair mix who hasn’t lived up to his name so far at Lollypop Farm.  This expert lap warmer loves to hanging out with the humans.  Any lap is fair game. He’s available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program. Come meet him, he’ll steal your heart!

Thief, a black and brown tabby cat

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Meow Monday Tuesday Again

So, here we are again with a Meow Monday Tuesday. These Monday holidays are really messing with Meow Monday.

George decided that a closed door wasn’t going to keep him from his favorite person any longer. Sometimes he’s too smart for his own good. Note to self – Make sure the bathroom door is locked when George is around.

Meet Prudence, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Prudence is a 6-year-old female domestic shorthair mix. This girl needs a warm lap or two and a window to watch the world go by. She’s available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm’s Seniors-for-Seniors program.  Come meet her and see if she isn’t just the girl for you!

Prudence, a grey and white cat available for adoption from Lollypop Farm

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