Ways To Impress The Teacher

Sissy came home from school with an assignment to write about her summer vacation. Usually, not a problem. She could write about her trip to Massachusetts.

How much fun she had on the whale watch.

How we had Lobster

How we all went to Woodman’s

Or the trip to Hampton Beach

Or, to my horror, how her cousins taught her all she’ll need to know about college….Beer Pong.


I’ll be waiting for that phone call from her teacher.

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5 Responses to Ways To Impress The Teacher

  1. Maybe her teacher will find far ahead in life, kinda like an old soul! One most learn the finer things in life sooner or later, right?
    HA HA HA
    This is classic

  2. angela moore says:

    Perhaps she can give her teacher some pointers? That way it’s a valuable lesson for both of them! LOL

  3. I laughed so hard because last week in Joseph’s creative writing class he had to write descriptive paragraph about this fictional person. His fellow was a dark-haired, goatee-bedecked, grizzly looking man. So he wrote that the man “loves to go to bars and drink lots and lots of beer.” The teacher called me in after class and said we’d need to talk to the other mothers about his liberal use of alcohol in his writing.


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