Mental Defective Monday 4

TGIM!  Thank god it’s Monday!  Okay, so no really bad perverts this week, but still the fascination with monkey’s and butts!  WUWT?  So thanks crazy people for googling, keep up the good work!

1. Butt Sleeping – Is this code for something?  Or is your butt sleeping when you are awake?  Does it snore?

2. Do Blue Butted Monkeys Poop Blue? – Sure they do….and zebras poop black and white and cardinals poop red.

3. A Woman is Hit by a Monkey – Did he b—slap her or was he driving a car?

4. Shuttlecock Funny Word– Yes it is a funny word, yes it sounds dirty, and yes it makes me laugh everytime I say it.  Shuttlecock, Shuttlecock, Shuttlecock !

5. Squirrel Tails Hurt You – Maybe they could if you ate one, but we’re not going to try it.

6. Monkey Accident – Was he not wearing his diaper?  Or was he the one driving the car that hit that woman in #3?

7. Monkey is Hit by A Car – See #3 and #6

8. Dog Ate One Blueberry – Just one?  Are you sure?  Because if it was two then you need to get different advice.

9. Dog Ate Large Candle– Now this is an extremely hungry and dumb dog to eat a large candle, I mean how tasty can wax be?  Have you tried those gross wax tubes they used to sell that had the nasty liquid in them?  I couldn’t eat one of those never mind a LARGE candle!

10. Monkey Butt Nascar – Must be a redneck monkey who likes beer, flannel, and lives in a double-wide.

11. Looking Up At The Monkey Butt – Don’t try this at home, because do you really want to be underneath a monkey butt. You do know what comes out of it right?

12. Blue Faced Monkey – Was he holding his breath?  “I’m gonna hold my breath Earl until you share that banana with me”  “I don’t care Gary, you can hold your breath until you are blue in the face!”

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  1. Leanne says:

    Okay, so I come here, read, laugh and then get totally distracted thinking about going to Disney. How is the daughter doing by the way? We need a post!!! Oh, this one was good too. Can you say, short attention span?

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