Aloha Friday

Friday is the day that Hawaiians take it easy and get ready for the weekend. So in that spirit we’re asking a simple question. Head on over to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday fun and to sign Mr. Linky if you’re playing.

This week we’re asking who is a high maintenance chick or a low maintenance chick.

Are you the type that gets their nails done, hair highlighted, designer clothes and perfect make-up?


Are you the type that throws your hair up in a pony-tail, wears jeans & sneakers and hardly any make-up?


Okay, I’m definitely the low maintenance chick. I’m in my “yoga” pants as often as possible. I only wear make-up because I’m so pale I don’t want to be mistaken for the walking dead. I used to get my nails done at a salon and I loved how they looked, but I just can’t justify spending that much money on fingernails. I love my jeans and am always in sneakers or flip-flops in the summer.


As much as I loooove my “yoga” pants, I have to admit that I am a high maintenance chick.  I have to do my hair, make up, and dress up for work.  But I have noticed that it has spewed over to the weekends, and on days that I don’t work.  Like tonight, I took a shower, and when I got out, I did my hair.  No, I wasn’t going anywhere.  I won’t pay money to have my nails done, but they look like I’ve had them done.  I tend to do fancy designs on them.  So, even on the weekends, I don’t leave the house until my hair is done, and my make up is on!

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17 Responses to Aloha Friday

  1. Jen says:

    I’m both. When I’m off to work, I like to be put together. When I’m chillin at home with the family, I like to be minimal–ponytail & jeans. =)

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  2. Harriet says:

    I’ve been both before. Now that I work out of my home I can do whatever I feel like for the day.

  3. Kim says:

    I’m a ponytail, sneaker, t-shirt wearing kind of gal…and that’s on my fancy days. lol

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am extremely low maintenance. My dress up days are what you described as low maintenance.

  5. I’m pretty low maintenance. I do keep my hair dyed and try to dress nice though. I’m home alot (I work from home) and it’s easy to get in a slump.

  6. Michelle says:

    LOL This is a great question. I am mostly High maintenance 😉
    But I can do the other one as well just not very often lol
    I just hope I am high maintenance in a fun girly way and not an obnoxious way lmao

  7. This seems so unfair! lol
    I’m low maintenance but I would like to be high maintenance. I don’t have the money or time for it. lol

  8. brittany says:

    I’m somewhere between.. I have my nails done and hair highlighted but you will find me in a pair of jeans and flip flops with little makeup on.

  9. Louise says:

    I’m so low maintenance, I’m in my pj’s and pony tail all the time, I get dressed just to leave the house

  10. Janet F says:

    I am a low maintenance chick!

  11. I am low maintenance all the way. I had to go and get taught to use makeup the summer before student teaching. Wanted something at that point. Now I just toss my hair back in a headband or pony tail, put a little makeup on and go.

  12. mrsbear says:

    I have always been low maintenance, it was always a sticking point with my mother, since she wanted me to dress up and look frilly, while I always opted for the jeans and tees. I average five minutes in the morning to get ready, the only time I actually apply makeup is if I’m going out after dark minus the kids, cause I like to feel a little special. 😉

    Also, I’ve moved my blog. I hope you guys will still follow. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  13. Sues2u2 says:

    I’m the low maintenance type although once upon a time before I had kids I was high maintenance. Even had to get my nails done before leaving for my induction! Glad those days are gone.

  14. Signe says:

    A little of both. I love my jeans but usually wear heeled boots with them. I do my hair (highlights) and have make up on every day (whether I go out or not) but I still have on t shirts most of the time.

  15. Tara says:

    I think for the most part I am low maintenance. I usually wear a pony tail and lounge wear.. Things sure change after having kids.

  16. Susan says:

    Thanks for the advice on “yoga pants” Elle. It works it really works.
    I did try jogging in my “jogging” pants and it was a bust. Now they graduated to Yoga and it is awesome.

  17. Leanne says:

    Um. I’m both. If I get sleep and I’ve got work and the kids under control I’m high. So, I’m mainly low most of the time.

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