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I don’t know if Elle will have any random thoughts this week.  Well, I’m sure she has some, but since she’s on vacation right now I don’t think she’ll be writing any.  So, you guys are stuck with just me.  I guess that means I need to have more random thoughts to make up for the lack of Elle’s thoughts.  Whoa, too much pressure!

Last week, DH, the kids and I ventured to Home Depot.  I needed potting soil, and since I suggested going there, DH definitely needed something.  When we were done, DH noticed a stand with hot dogs and other grilled food in the parking lot.  Since it was lunch time he brought the boys over to grab something to eat, I went to the car with the cart to wait.  In the cart was my 20lb. bag of potting soil, and other items DH needed.  While I stood there waiting, 3 different guys came up to ask me if I wanted help loading my items into the car.  Only 1 of them actually worked at Home Depot.  The moral of this story is, if you are in the market, Home Depot is definitely the place to go.

Since I am unable to work right now, I am going insane  sooo tan right now!  I am starting to look like Magda from “There’s Something About Mary”.  I’m thinking that I need to start staying out of the sun, otherwise when I finally do go back to work, I’m afraid they’re going to think I just wanted to take the summer off to go to the beach or something!  I have the paperwork that says I can’t work for 8 weeks, and to take it easy.  I just choose to take it easy in the sun, or at the beach!

On Saturday my wonderful husband went and bought me a brand new car!!  I was and am sooo super excited about it!  I haven’t had a brand new car since the early 90’s!  I am in love with it, it smells so wonderful, it’s so shiny, and it’s just soooo nice.  Of course today when he got home from work he noticed a small nick on the passenger door.  He said, “I guess you parked next to a red vehicle today”.  What?!  My new shiny car???  Low and behold there is a ding there!  No matter how tiny a ding is, chances are…your husband will notice it long before you do!  It’s like they have ding ESP or something!

I use Facebook daily, I’m not addicted but I am nosy, so I like to know what people are doing.  There are a few things that irk me about Facebook though.  Like, the pressure I feel to come up with a “status” every day!  Some people have “status updates” all throughout the day.  I on the other hand feel stressed, I mean do people really care that I’m doing the dishes, or the laundry, or cleaning out the refrigerator??  I try to be witty, but sometimes I have nothing!  I’ve resorted to using a “status suggester” sometimes, just to come up with something!!


Stacy should know me better than that. We’re in Maine right now visiting family/friends. I never know what to call them. They are family but they’re like our best friends. We’ve been here since yesterday and when we leave tomorrow my stomach will be sore from laughing so much. If we lived closer I wouldn’t have to worry about ab crunches or sit-ups I could just hang with them and flatten my stomach through laughing. How fun would that be?

I went to the LL Bean outlet and got Sissy a new tankini for 5 bucks. Totally made my day. They have some nice flowered backpacks for $17 and I was totally going to get one until I noticed “Ashley” embroidered on it. Oh! That would be why they’re at the outlet. Too bad I couldn’t find one with Sissy’s name. Lots of trendy girl names. So Sissy won’t be sporting Ashley’s backpack just so her mom can save a few bucks. Although, someone mentioned buying an iron-on patch to cover the embroidery. Now there’s an idea.

Today we’re heading to Stacy’s to visit her new car and see her and the kids. I’m hoping Mitch will hang with the kids while we take her car out for a quick ride He doesn’t know that yet. I’m waiting for the right time to spring it. I’m betting the right time isn’t when he reads it on my blog.

Sunday we saw a lady walking her huge goat downtown. Now how’s that for random?

So yesterday we saw a woman walking a big goat downtown. That’s about as random as it gets.

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3 Responses to Random Tuesday Thoughts~All By Myself

  1. Stacy-My DH has that car ESP to it goes along with the ESPN thing.
    Elle- Sounds like a fun trip I’d totally change my DD name to save a few bucks- just not to Ashley 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    Stacy, congrats on the new car! I totally care if you are doing laundry. I don’t update Facebook everyday, only if something I consider amusing occurs to me.

    Elle, I hope you are having a great vacation! I would totally make my kids carry a backpack with someone else’s name on it (to save a few bucks). I make my little one carry a snack bag with her older sister’s name on it.

  3. mrsbear says:

    I’ve been missing the random lately. Haven’t been by in a while, good to know the Monkey Butt girls haven’t lost their sense of humor.

    Stacy: Stay out of the sun. I’ve discovered the same thing this summer, the more time I spend in the daylight, the more like dried leather my skin becomes. Magda, yikes!

    I can’t seem to get in to Facebook, I have a friend who’s a junkie and constantly updating from her phone. It makes me want to close my FB account.

    Elle: Hope you had a nice visit. If I had a giant goat, I’d totally walk him downtown. 😉

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