Aloha Friday

Friday is the day that Hawaiians take it easy and get ready for the weekend. So in that spirit we’re asking a simple question. Head on over to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday fun and to sign Mr. Linky if you’re playing.  So this is the question today,

If you found $25.00 cash laying in a store parking lot, would you turn it in?


If I had the kids with me, it wouldn’t even be a question. We would go up to the service desk and turn the money in. I’d like to think if I was alone I’d still do the right thing and turn it in. I know I’d feel wicked guilty if I didn’t.


Okay, I’m going to be a little more honest here…I’m sure I will get crap for it, but oh well.  I agree with Elle that if I had my kids with me, I would definitely turn in the money to teach the, “honesty is the best policy” rule.  But if I did not have the kids with me, well, that would be the grey area, that’s where the, “Finders keeper, losers weepers” rule may come into play.  For example, if I found a wallet or a pocketbook, I would definitely turn it right in and not even look inside.  But if $25.00 was blowing around the parking lot, well, that may be a sign that someone knows I need some money that week.  What if it was in a plaza with a bunch of different stores?  Which store would you bring it to?  Let’s just say, there are a lot of circumstances that would influence what I may or may not  do.  Go ahead judge….


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13 Responses to Aloha Friday

  1. I agree with Stacy. If there are many places that the person who lost the money could have been shopping, I would probably not turn it in. However, I think I would talk to my son about how we can use that money to bless someone else. Then, I would ask him who we could buy a special gift for and use the money toward whoever we decided on. If it was in the parking lot of a Wal-mart or something, I would just turn it in, no question.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I would turn it in.

  3. Audrey says:

    I don’t think I’d turn it in. The chances of the person who lost it coming back and knowing where they lost it are so thin.

    Having said that, we have a container at home that we put money into for charity. We put money into the container on a very regular basis. No question in my mind, we would put the $25 in that container. It’s not ours.

  4. mrsbear says:

    I’m with Stacy. A wallet is one thing, free cash blowing in the wind that someone probably won’t notice they’ve lost for a while and even then they might not remember where, I’d likely keep. Now if the kids were there *sigh*, I’d be more tempted to turn it in because lessons and honesty and blablabla. Okay, happy now, I’m just a bad person. I eat puppy dogs for breakfast. Whatever. 😉 PMS anyone?

  5. I would really probably keep it i I found it in a parking lot, who knows who’s it could have been. If noone claimed it, then clerk would kwim. There have been other times though that I have found money someone dropped and gave it to them, so I’m not just a sneaky person 😉

  6. Michelle says:

    I’d turn it in.

  7. it’s like finding a penny in the pavement, i won’t turn it in, but if that penny is in a wallet, that a different story …

  8. Marie says:

    I agree that if my kids were with me I would turn it in. And if it was in a wallet or had ID then I would also turn it in. But if it was just blowing about — well, then I’d be tempted to keep it to be honest.

  9. Probably not. If it was $40….yes i would. $25 is such a small amount….I feel guilty for saying this but I’d keep it and be happy at my luck!

  10. Becca says:

    If it was loose money, I think I would keep it, as there is no way to identify who it belongs to.

  11. If my kids are with me, I’d turn it in.

    If it was a wallet, I’d definitely turn it in.

    if I’m alone, (not for hiding) I’d keep the $25…which is making me think real hard . What if it was someone’s last penny?

    But would the person I turn it it to even give it to their manager? And then again why should I care about what they do with it.

    I think because I’d eat my own self up with guilt. I would turn it in.

  12. Leanne says:

    I would turn it in. But I’m not judging any one who didn’t, we’re just doing okay this month. It might be a different answer next month though! 🙂

  13. Helene says:

    Hmmmm, well, I actually kinda just had an experience like that. We were at the beach in Tahoe on our summer vacation and we walked down near the water and decided to set up our blanket and umbrella there. In the sand, I noticed a money clip holding a serious amount of cash. No one around seemed to even notice. I turned it in to one of the lifeguards….I doubt they ever found out whose it was or perhaps the person came back later to claim it. I’ll never know what happened to the money but it gave me a good feeling to turn it back in. Who knows…the lifeguards probably went out that night and got drunk with the money!

    BTW, I’m watching the season premiere of Amazing Race and I instantly thought of you both! I don’t think I’ll ever watch this show again without thinking of you!

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