What The Hell Wednesday ~ 25

Wednesdays are great for Wordless and Wordful posts, but we decided to go a different route and create our own Wednesday fun. We figured what the hell. That’s how we started What The Hell Wednesday. Who are we kidding? That’s pretty much how we decide on almost everything. If you want to play along, grab our button on the sidebar, link up to us in your post and don’t forget to sign in to McLinky below. Really, what the hell?


I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, that I’m not grateful to be here after last week, but it is What The Hell Wednesday so I’ll be ranting as usual, but with a side of gratitude.

Next week I see the PPS (pelvic pain specialist) and this whole pulmonary emboli thingy has kind of thrown my plans out of whack. I was pretty sure the PPS would do another laparoscopy because of the ongoing pain issue and now I can’t have surgery for at least 6 months because of the blood thinners, unless it’s an emergency. That means at least 6 more months of pain, because let’s be honest. It’s not like it’s going to suddenly stop when it’s hurt for 7 months already. What The Hell???!! It’ll be over a year by then. Oh well, deep breath, it will get better eventually, right? right?

Now my chin is breaking out like crazy. I’m not sure if it’s because I stopped the birth control pills, but What The Hell??? At my age, pimples should be the last thing I have to worry about. On the bright side, since the doctor said I had to stay home from work this week it’s not like anyone is really going to see.

Today I had 3 different idiots try to get me to download a file that was most likely a virus. The first was a comment on the blog and it was “I’m having trouble downloading this file would you do it for me?” then there was a link to click. What The Hell???? What kind of a moron do you take me for?? Stacy, don’t answer that! Then there was an email that was supposedly from UPS about a package they couldn’t deliver on January 18th. Helloooo, January 18th?? What The Hell?? It also had an attachment for me to click on. Do people really click on those links?


Well there goes my What The Hell about breaking out.  Thanks Elle.  I’ll just say ditto, and What The Hell!

Today I wore a cute pair of heels to work.  I’ve only worn them twice now, and I noticed when I walk, my left shoe squeaks.  What The Hell?  It was really loud too!  And my boss said it sounded like a frog!  Great, cute shoes that sound like a frog when I walk.  Fabulous.

I was trying to watch and understand LOST, which is really hard to do!  At the bottom of the screen there was a V and a countdown.  What The Hell ABC?  I really don’t care that V is on in 54:46, I’m trying to watch LOST here, okay, cut it out!

I had the insane idea of using the Wii fit at 6:30 A.M.  I know what you’re thinking, What The Hell, but no not yet.  So, the trainer yelled at me because my BMI changed from 22.23 to 22.41, and apparently I have really bad balance that early in the morning!  What The Hell?  Stop yelling at me, and then say, “oh well your weight can fluctuate 2 pounds during the day.”  Okay, so why the hell did you yell at me, and then tell me that??  Two faced stupid trainer!

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4 Responses to What The Hell Wednesday ~ 25

  1. Cassie says:

    Elle – I never open attachments from pe8ople I don’t know.
    Stacy – The Wii fit trainer is amazing. LOL

  2. Shelly says:

    Breaking out. What the Hell? Should we start a club?

    Squeaky heels. Toss ’em. (I prefer flats)

    I don’t know what it is with shows being advertised during other shows. Isn’t that what the guide is for.

  3. kden says:

    Elle, no need to ever apologize for the frustration of being in pain for so long. A few years ago I had such bad pelvic pain I swore my uterus had grown back many years after a hysto. No insurance, I suffered. It finally went away as mysteriously as it came. But I feel for you. And I hate stupid people that think I am stupid enough to click on links.
    Stacy, I had a pair of flat shoes that were real cushy but when I walked they squeaked little kittens. So then I tried to tip-toe so people wouldn’t hear me.

  4. Mrsbear says:

    Elle: It’s bad enough I’m starting to worry about wrinkles and gray hair, I still have to field acne breakouts too. WTH indeed.

    Stacy: Nobody should be forced to reckon with the Wii Fit at before 7 a.m. We are not currently on speaking terms.

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