Minions, Chocolate & More

If it’s Tuesday this must be, Random Tuesday Thoughts. It’s brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom. She really knows how to rock Tuesdays so go and check her out and tell her the Blue Monkey Butt sisters sent you!


I think I saw someone trying to commit suicide today, although I’m not really sure.  I was just leaving work, getting on the highway when I saw this guy basically hugging the “Yield” sign.  We were in the middle of a really strong thunderstorm with lightening bolts everywhere.  He was definitely hugging the sign.  So I figured he was trying to commit suicide by holding on to a metal sign during a thunderstorm.  You gotta give him points for originality.

I really don’t understand the people on Intervention.  I know, I’ve brought this show up before, but on tonight’s episode the woman was spending $150.00 a day on PCP.  For someone that doesn’t have a job, she sure was able to afford her habit!  I’m lucky to spend $5.00 a day on anything!

In Target’s sale paper this Sunday they had back to school stuff!!  My kids have only been out of school for 3 or 4 weeks!!  I really don’t want to think about school shopping yet!

Facebook is so much fun.  Last week my Mom was convinced that I had a new tattoo because I was “friends” with a tattoo shop.  Nope, not yet….


I started this last night but it was boring with a capital Bore so I’m starting over.

I haven’t seen the movie Despicable Me yet, but the idea of having minions to do my evil bidding is very appealing. I know I have kids, but they don’t do my bidding at all and forget the dogs, they don’t have a brain between them and the cats, well, I think I’m their minion not the other way around.

Speaking of cats, our new kitten is getting huge. She wants to eat all the time. I try telling myself it’s because she must have had to fight for her food before she came here instead of the fact that she’s a big huge pig and a bully. I’ll go with the illusion.

Work has been doing a good job of imitating the climate of hell lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with the AC, but it doesn’t seem to work. The only saving grace is we always have chocolate. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any chocolate in hell. If there is, it’s probably just out of reach. That would be hell, chocolate that you can see but not have.

Don’t forget to join us for What The Hell Wednesday tomorrow. Really, what the hell?







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6 Responses to Minions, Chocolate & More

  1. Momma Drama says:

    I saw Intervention last night too. My husband actually recorded it (he doesn’t like to watch it “because they’re all the same” – so not true). It was pretty good, I don’t know how anyone could be doing a drug for 25 years and still be alive or able to speak… I’m glad she made it through rehab though!

  2. Anne says:

    Stacy, that doesn’t sound like the most effective method to kill yourself. It seems to leave a lot up to fate. I suppose that could have been the plan.

    Elle, I saw Despicable Me and I definitely need minions. I keep trying to convince the dog and the cats that they are my minions but they don’t listen. I long ago gave up on the kids.

  3. Yeah. I’m already school shopping because I have A MONTH LEFT. It flies by! At first I was happy and now I think I peed a little in my pants.

  4. Michele says:

    School shopping seems to get earlier and earlier.

    I couldn’t agree more; chocolate just out of reach would be hell.

  5. Funny stuff as always, ladies!

    I need to see Despicable Me now. Adding to Netflix!

  6. I agree that “hell” definitely would include chocolate you could see but not touch or eat!!

    I went and saw Despicable Me the other night. I won’t let me child see it (he’s four and it’d be too scary for him), but I did enjoy the thought of my own minions! Especially cute ones like those were!

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