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If it’s Tuesday this must be, Random Tuesday Thoughts. It’s brought to you by Keelyat The Un-Mom. She really knows how to rock Tuesdays so go and check her out and tell her the Blue Monkey Butt sisters sent you!


Today driving home from work I saw a group of guys wearing skinny jeans with white sunglasses. I really wanted to pull over and tell them all that they look stupid, but I was afraid they would call the cops, since they were teenagers, and I probably could of been old enough to be their Aunt or something.

I think I may be a bad Mom. I had 2 Open House’s last week for each of my son’s. I went to the first one, but at the second one they passed out a 10 page packet about 7th grade and then proceeded to read it to us. Since I can read myself, I figured that I could leave at 7:50 p.m. to leave me just enough time to get home and catch the premiere of Survivor. Shhhhh, don’t tell….

I really need to get a “Poker Face”. My Mum always has said that I can’t hide what I’m thinking, it’s always all over my face. So she always tells me to never play poker. Even today someone came up to me and said that I didn’t look too happy. Exactly! I guess I should give up my dream of becoming an actress…..dammit!


You might have missed the horrible, disgusting worm incident that happened to us on Friday night. I took a video. Just scroll down to the previous post, but I warn you, you’ll be seriously disgusted.

FYI,  don’t cook bacon on the grill. My husband had that bright idea on Saturday night. He went back outside to check on the barbecuing bacon and saw an orange glow around his grill. He lifted the lid and flames shot up in the air about 5 feet. I didn’t get a video. Sorry, I was napping.

This morning when I walked into the kitchen both of our dogs melted into the floor in puddles of guilt. Ears down, looking everywhere but at me and tails between their legs. I looked everywhere. but couldn’t find any evidence of their dirty dog deeds. I’m guessing they ate the evidence. Hey, as long as they clean up after themselves, I don’t care. It’s more than my kids do.

Parenting fail of the day? I completely forgot to make Sissy’s lunch for school today. She takes lunch every single day. How did I forget?  They should let her charge something. I think she has a couple dollars on her account. I hope.

 Don’t forget to join us for What The Hell Wednesday tomorrow. We’re on #50 and are planning a giveaway for #52. We’ll give you the details soon.




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6 Responses to Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Ew Ew Ew worms. I’m not even going to look at that (I couldn’t when you posted it either).

    Half the time I delete the email from my daughters teacher. She sends one Every Freaking Day. I don’t really want to know she finger painted all day, everyday.

    Happy RTT Ladies!

  2. Claire says:

    Skinny jeans on guys = Very Bad Thing

  3. GiGi Diaz says:

    Stacy: boys in skinny jeans is a serious epidemic I will never understand. I find the fashion suitable for girls, sexy even. But something about boys dressing in stuff that girls look good in really irks me. Also, at least you WENT to open house. I have students in my dance studio that were ALL present in class on open house days last week. Upon asking their parents why they didn’t go to open house (and force me to work on an afternoon I had meticulously planned to spend watching TV and playing Scrabble against myself in my iPhone) they said “What for? It’s the same thing every year and it just takes too long.”

    Elle: your dogs are yucky! LoL If it makes you feel any better, when I was in middle school my mom often times forgot to pick me up (or was caught in traffic for over an hour and a half as she used to say) and she, too, had to pick me up all day. No biggie.

    Great RTTs! Mine is up too!

  4. Cassie says:

    Stacy – They had an open house yesterday at my kids’ school yesterday. I didn’t go at all since they called it meet the teacher night and I had already done that.
    Elle – What?! No video of five foot flames?! Fail. Fail. Fail. Of course, napping is a good thing…

  5. Stacy – Skinny jeans and white sunglasses? So NOT cool. I don’t like the school open houses where they pass out a 10-page packet and proceed to read it out loud to you. I’d duck out early, too. I have a readable face, too – I’d never be a good poker player ever.

    Elle – HA! Cooking bacon on the grill (and having it catch on fire) sounds like something my hubby would do. I might have to encourage it just for the video op. 😉 LOL! Your dogs probably did clean up after themselves. Now if they could train the others to do that… 😉 Whew! I’m not alone…last year I sent Princess Nagger to school with an empty lunchbox. Oops!

    RTT: Summer’s End, Winemaking and Barf

  6. Anne says:

    Stacy, you aren’t a bad mom. At least you went to open house. Since I have missed it on occasion, that would make me a worse mom.
    Elle, again with the napping? Now you are just taunting me.

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