Meow Monday

We are a bit late for Meow Monday. I’m thinking I should call this one “Ow Monday”.

As you may already know, Meow Monday is a day we pay homage to a certain special cat, Oreo. He let’s Anne from Small Town Mommy live with him. He really rung in the New Year in style.

Because today was more of an Ow Monday for me, I don’t have any fancy pictures of my cats. I do have a picture of our Pet of the Week from Lollypop Farm. Sounds like today’s cat would give Oreo a run for his money.

His Royal Majesty

His Royal Majesty is a 5-year-old cat who is at Lollypop Farm for the third time this year through no fault of his own. He was originally found in Marion as a stray in February, and since then he has been adopted twice and brought back because the other pets in the house did not like him. This handsome gentleman has a beautiful sleek coat, giving him a very majestic look. His Royal Majesty is looking for a home that will provide him the love and attention he deserves as kitty royalty. He is a very confident cat and does well with dogs, but might do best as the only cat. He loves to play with his toys, but he’s also content to lounge around and relax while watching the birds out the window. Come meet him today


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  1. Anne says:

    He is so completely handsome! He actually looks like a svelte version of Oreo.

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