The Infamous Scarf Incident of 1976 & Other Randomness


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy.


Last night we had our surest sign of spring yet. Candace and Jeremy are back! Every year we have a pair of ducks try to take over our pool. There they were last night floating around in the water that has collected on the pool cover. That’s fine but as soon as the cover comes off we have to constantly shoo them away. We are hoping they decide to reclaim the pool next door. It is more like a pond and actually has some sort of vegetation that floats around like an island.

Sissy is sick today. She tried to tell me yesterday that she didn’t feel well but I chalked it up to her staying up until 11:30 and being tired from working on the crew for the school play. I sent her to school because it was my day off alone and now this morning she is definitely sick, can’t talk and has a fever. There goes the Mom of the Year award again this year.

My husband brought home a bunch of nice things from his trip to Germany. I know own a scarf. It’s beautiful and I love it, but I’m not a scarf person. I see women wearing scarves all the time and they look great. But I don’t think I can pull it off. I’m not even sure how to drape the darn thing and then when I finally figure something out I look in the mirror and think “I look like a doofus”. I am scarf challenged. It could stem from the scarf incident during the Bicentennial. It was school picture day and because it was 1976 they had a flag in the background and a small Liberty Bell on the desk. She dressed me up in red and white then tied a red, white and blue scarf around my neck. I felt like a doofus looking stewardess. I guess it could have been worse. Laurie Curry’s mother made her dress up like someone from Little House on the Prairie. so you can see why I have a hang up with scarves.

I’d like to thank the lovely Stacy for the best adult beverage package I’ve ever received in the mail! I haven’t sampled them yet. I’m waiting for just the right moment of peace and quiet. Or something that slightly resembles that.

Sony forget to join us for What the Hell Wednesday tomorrow. We may actually show up!

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