What's your Strange Addiction?

Today I’m joining Kailani from An Island Life for Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. We all know I like nothing better than taking it easy and looking forward to the weekend. I’m asking a simple question and you can leave your answer in the comment section. Let me know if you are participating too!

After seeing commercials for TLC’s show My Strange Addiction I couldn’t actually watch even one single episode. I’ve seen commercials for a woman who drinks gasoline, another woman drinks her own urine!!!! and some guy likes to dress and act like a baby. After seeing those, I’ve realized that I am boringly normal and I am more than okay with that. But, while I may not be a gasoline swilling, urine drinking, baby man, I do have my own little idiosyncrasies. For instance, I hate to have any of the food on my dinner plate touching. So, Garbage Plates, that are so popular out here, are something I would never eat. Not only because of the word garbage. Which leads me to my Aloha Friday question.

What is your strange addiction or little idiosyncrasy?

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7 Responses to What's your Strange Addiction?

  1. My brother-in-law is like you with the non-food touching. Plus he eats all of one thing before he moves on to the next thing on his plate!

    I have lots of little quirks, believe me, but let’s see…. I have to keep the open side of the pillowcase on the right. It HAS to be that way. lol

  2. Some of those addictions are scary, aren’t they? Hmmmm…idiosyncrasies… I can’t sleep if there’s any kind of light on, it has to be dark, and I can’t sleep if it’s too warm – I like a cool bedroom (luckily so does the hubby). I also have to have my spices alphabetized in my cupboard – when the hubby messes them up it drives me crazy! 🙂

    Do You Do Phone?

  3. Hmmm… can’t really think of one. I mean talking Disney isn’t a strange addiction is it?! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Elle says:

      If talking about Disney all the time is a strange addiction, than I’m totally guilty. I think we’re okay with that one!

  4. angie says:

    my strange addiction is numbers sometimes it is an obsession

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  5. kailani says:

    I have to bite every single french fry in half before I eat them.

  6. Anne says:

    Okay, so what’s a garbage plate? Apparently we don’t have that in the Small Town. I don’t think I have a strange addiction. The closest thing is dressing up Oreo in funny costumes.

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