Awkward Cat Love – Meow Monday

Meow Monday again?? I don’t know how it sneaks up on me so fast. Stop by Small Town Mommy to see Oreo in all his spring finest.

Our oldest cat, Snuffy, loves me. I mean he loves me. A. Lot. When I get home he jumps in my lap as soon as I sit down. Then he puts his front paws on my shoulders and rubs his face all over mine. It gets a little awkward.



See what I mean!!!

Every week we feature an adoptable cat as Pet of the Week from Lollypop Farm. Today we have Kuzco.

Kuzco is a five year old, beautiful boy.  He was brought to Lollypop Farm because his owner became allergic to him.  He is lively and affectionate and would love to come and live with you.

We also want to let you know that on March 31, Lollypop Farm is holding an April Fools’ Adopt-a-thon. All cats 1 year and older are just $1! That means Kuzco too!

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2 Responses to Awkward Cat Love – Meow Monday

  1. Nothing better than cat love! 🙂 Our cat Zelda does that to me all the time – sometimes she’s a little annoying with all that lovin’. 😉

  2. Anne says:

    Snuffy is such a love bunny. Does he love you more now that you work at an animal shelter?

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