It's Random Crap Day AKA Tuesday


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy.


I’ve been gone for a bit again. But hopefully I’m back, well I am at least for today. I’ve come to realize that there aren’t nearly enough hours in the day. Although things are getting a little easier now that we’ve gotten into a routine, I still feel like all I do is run around. Just ask my gas gauge, it’ll tell you….

My youngest is going to either be a scientist, a YouTube star or a pyromaniac. I’m hoping for the first one. The other day he text me asking for some steel wool and a 9 volt battery for an experiment. I told him that those two things together would make fire. He assured me that if you do it on cement you wouldn’t burn the house down. He had watched a video of it on YouTube. Of course. Luckily for me, SOS Pads do not start fires with a half dead 9 volt battery…..oh damn and I was so hoping it would….

I’ve decided that I need to get back into my gym routine again, especially since summer will be here someday. But of course that would require me having enough time to actually go to the gym daily.

I saw these at the mall a week or so ago. I guess they’re in style again. I don’t think I’ll be buying a pair, considering it’s not 1990 anymore.


Look! Stacy is back! Nobody make any sudden moves or she might disappear again.

I love looking at the keyword searches that bring people to our site. Yesterday someone Googled ‘strange addiction dressing up like a blue cat’. Ookaay, that does seem like it qualifies for a strange, but very specific, addiction. The best part? We were number 3 in the search results. More popular searches have revealed that a lot of dogs eat Yankee Candles and moms really don’t like Moon Sand. Quite a few people want to see a picture of a monkey in a speedo and unfortunately, they won’t find one here. What keyword searches do people use to find your blog??

It seems like every time my husband is away someone at home is sick. This time it is J-Man. I sent him back to school last week after having pneumonia and by this past weekend he came down with another cold. The poor kid looks and feels awful but I’m sending him today since he’s missed so much school from being sick. Believe me, his attendance was brought up during our recent parent/teacher conference. There won’t be any question about whether he is sick or not today. I’m fairly certain they won’t be too happy when we pull him out of school for two weeks in May to go to Disney World.


A few weeks ago I received this lovely care package from Stacy“>Stacy, the very same Stacy“>Stacy who is carrying on the Random Tuesday banner for us all and the very same Stacy“>Stacy who is one of my roommates for Blogher12.

I did sample this bottle.


In fact, I sampled it until it was gone. I’m not an expert in wine tasting by any means, but I can tell you it was wonderful. I’m saving the bottle of Piña Colada for sipping by the pool. Thanks Stacy“>Stacy!!

Don’t forget to join us for What The Hell Wednesday tomorrow!

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5 Responses to It's Random Crap Day AKA Tuesday

  1. Anne says:

    Stacy, those glasses are really ugly. My daughter has a pair but I thought they were just a bad choice for a party favor.

    Elle, I am so sorry that J-Man is sick again. Poor little guy.

  2. Claire says:

    Wow! Those glasses take me back. Everything that used to be cool eventually comes back into style, I suppose.

  3. Yay Stacy’s back! I have the same conundrum going on with PN – Paleontologist, YouTube Star or the next American Idol. Or maybe a Warrior Cat. So far she hasn’t shown interest in pyrotechnics…yet. 😉

    Elle – Princess Nagger has the same issue with being sick more than usual this year – I’m blaming the weird weather. Hope J-Man feels better soon!! Glad you enjoyed the wine – I’ll be sure to bring plenty for us at BlogHer! 😉

    Princess Nagger and the Ruptured Eardrum

  4. Nadine says:

    I would wear those glasses… totally rad! I wish I could have booze shipped to my house. But Oklahoma laws say no. bummer!

  5. Run DMT says:

    Good Lord, I remember those glasses and was hoping to forget them. why on earth are they back again? I like the glasses with the dangling mustache. Now those have a real purpose to them.

    I’m going to BLogher ’12 too! WOOHOO!

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