Random Tuesday Thoughts-Elle’s on Vacation, Deal with It


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. It used to be brought to you byKeely at The Un-Mom but she’s taking a hiatus. Okay, it’s been a really long hiatus but Random Tuesdays still rock on with help from Stacy .


Hey, remember me? The long lost little sister of Elle? I’ve made a comeback due to Elle being in some part of Florida that I’ve never heard of that apparently has never heard of Internet service. It’s 2012, go figure.

I am not a fan of Landlords, or at least any that I’ve ever had. I know mine is a bit shady, although tonight I used that to my advantage. I had asked for a receipt of deposit of my security deposit with the excuse that I needed it for some paperwork. Funny, he called me tonight, and couldn’t give me that information. I could tell he was lying, and most likely my $850 security deposit has been used for something other than earning interest in an account somewhere. In NH, the laws are a little vague on what information has to be provided when requested. But he was super nice to me before the conversation ended, telling me that if I am late on the rent again, it was okay, and he understands. Way too nice if you ask me….

Where I sit at work I can see the women’s bathroom. There is someone that puzzles me at work. She always brings her purse into the bathroom with her. As a woman, I know that’s not super weird, but she doesn’t come out with any more makeup on. Yes, I’ve noticed if she has or not. I just find it weird that it’s every single time. The other day I was walking out of the office when she was coming out of the bathroom and I said, “Oh are you coming back in?” And she said, “yes.” I said, “Oh I wasn’t sure if you were leaving or not because you had your purse in your hand.” She just laughed….well played Missy, well played.

Today I saw a girl walking into work at the supermarket wearing one of those hats that looks like a bear head. You know the ones that have fur and ears, and just your face sticks out of? Okay it just looks like a bears head. I’m thinking when she goes into work all her coworkers must think, “Oh crap, here comes crazy Teddy Ruxpin again.”

About a week or so ago I decided to use my tanning privileges at the gym. Now I haven’t been tanning since I was in High School, and I really don’t believe in it, but I figured a couple shades darker than Casper would be okay. Well between “Tanning Mom” and Casper. Anyways, I laid down on the bed, turned it on, and lowered the top. And that’s when I started freaking out. All I kept thinking was that I was going to be suffocated in the tanning bed, and how I felt like I was in a human waffle maker. Needless to say it wasn’t a very relaxing 10 minutes.


Now that we are back on the road I have service again. But since I’m attempting to write this from my iPhone, it’s going to be short.

We made it to Florida last night, but it was still another 5 hours of driving to get to our destination. We stopped near Flagler Beach in an area that apparently has little to no cell service or Internet. Which made for some tense moments with Sissy. Somehow we survived the no Internet and the crazy guy outside the BBQ place we stopped at. We were just starting to back up when another car came flying in the lot, stopped next to us, and a tall sweaty guy jumps out and starts waving his arms at us to stop. I swear I thought I heard him say “brake light”. We stopped and I rolled down the window a crack (because my mother taught me well and my internal stranger danger alarm was going off). Then he said he was trying to get home and needed directions. Clearly asking the couple from New York to give directions in Florida is a great idea. We said can’t help you and rolled up the window and he approached another car. I guess they couldn’t help him either because he drove off. If he really needed directions he could have gone inside any of the restaurants or gas stations. I told Stacy about it and she said “Zombie” and mine she was right. He could have said brains not brakes although, I don’t think zombies get that sweaty.

Also, don’t forget to join us for What the Hell Wednesday tomorrow!

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  1. AHAHAHA! You crack me up – at first I thought maybe I had clicked to the wrong post – because there’s really only a title…but realized you’re messing with us, taunting us with the fact that you’re on vacation.

    You ROCK.


    Field Trip Fun-ish, Future Nagging Guest Blogger, Angry Birds Take On Stonehenge

  2. Elle and Stacy says:

    I don’t know why the post wasn’t here earlier. I wrote everything, and it didn’t show up. I guess I’m out of practice. I think I did it right this time!

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