Eww! Stuffed Dates!


Everyone has their own favorite family traditions for the holidays. For me, it just wouldn’t seem like Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Growing up we had big family Thanksgivings and we had all the traditional food like squash, mashed pototatoes, gravy, pies, and, of course, turkey. But every year there were a couple dishes that were totally disgusting. There was the Jello salad which consisted of a big tray of orange Jello with cut up nuts, raisins, and other icky crap. It looked like someone threw up and someone else had the bright idea of suspending it in Jello.

Then we had the stuffed dates. I have memories of sitting around the table with my cousin Robin, stuffing dates. We had to stuff them with peanut butter or cream cheese and then roll them in powdered sugar. If you’ve never seen them they look like big dark brown bug bodies. They are sticky on the outside and our fingers would get coated with the sticky date ick and then we’d be covered in peanut butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar. I can honestly say I never tried one.

So that brings me to my Aloha Friday question;

Do you have a particularly icky food that is part of your Thanksgiving tradition?

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