Time to Random Up


Sadly there weren’t Any Big Foot stories this week. I really love a good Big Foot story, but then who doesn’t?

Yesterday I was home all alone, watching Supernatural, when all of a sudden one of my son’s toys turned on and started playing it’s creepy circus music. I’m sitting there thinking to myself that if it was an episode of Supernatural, then this is when the bad stuff would happen. I’m glad it didn’t

I’m so happy tonight is pizza night. The best reason is because it means I don’t have to cook dinner.

Fitting a 4th dog into my routine is a little trying. She’s a sweetheart, but I’m glad it’s only for a couple of weeks. I’m sure the cats will be glad when she’s gone. They’ve been hiding out in my bedroom pouting most of the time.


Our new internet company sucks. We’ve had it for 4 days and it hasn’t worked correctly for one of those days. They are absolutely no help either. And guess what, no Wifi with 2 kids is a living hell.

Candy Crunch is a game that’s not healthy. I just got addicted to it and I cannot stop playing it. It also drains my battery on my cell phone before I can ever beat a level. I need to stop playing it……but I will definitely take any free lives you may want to send fb friends! I’m stuck!

That’s it for me, I’m suffering from another cold and this cocktail of Advil and Sudafed is really affecting my sarcasm and sense of humor. Maybe it’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

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