Tuesday Randomness


If it’s Tuesday this must be Random Tuesday Thoughts. Stop by, say hi and see what the Queen of Randomness, Stacy, is up to.


Why is it that when you order checks they send you 500 checks and 1 check register?  If you have 500 checks, you’re going to need more than 1 check register!  It’s like when you go to McDonald’s, order 4 meals and they give you one napkin.  Yeah one of your super thin napkins will work for all 4 of us!  It just doesn’t make any sense.

You know what else bugs me…..when you go to a food establishment pay with cash, and then they throw your little bit of change into their tip jar instead of giving it to you.  Maybe I don’t want to tip you, maybe your service sucked, or maybe I just want my damn change.

We still like the new place, it’s so much bigger than our last place.  There are a few weird things though, like the light in Thing 2’s closet comes on all the time, and we never turn the switch.  Sometimes it will be on, I’ll open the door and it’s in the off position.  I think because it’s an old house another light switch is tripping that one.  He of course wants to believe that it’s a ghost, because that would be way cooler and then Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures could come.  Personally I would take Ghost Hunters, because I cannot stand the host of Ghost Adventures.

Is it weird that I just spell-checked my post and when it came up as “no errors found,” I got super excited?  Elle would be so proud of me.


Wow, somehow I totally missed that Stacy had posted her random thoughts. Now I feel guilty about all those mean things I was thinking about her. Well, not really. As in, I really don’t feel guilty about thinking mean thoughts about her, not that I wasn’t thinking mean thoughts about her. Oh, and yes, I’m proud of her for not having any spelling errors. It’s about time It’s awesome!

J-Man missed the bus again this morning. I hate when he missed the bus on my Monday. It really doesn’t matter what day of the week you start your work-week. It always seems like a Monday and it’s always so stressful!

My daughter posted this on her Facebook page and I had to steal it.



So true and so rarely happens.

Because I didn’t get to join Oreo and Anne from Small Town Mommy for Meow Monday, (my husband was home so my usual plans didn’t happen) here is our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week. Besides, you can’t get any more random that posting Meow Monday on a Tuesday.

Meet Mumble, a 6 month old domestic medium hair who’s looking for a nice place to call home.  Come and see if he’s the cat for you.  He’s at Lollypop Farm.
Don’t forget to join us for What the Hell Wednesday tomorrow!
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  1. Stacy – I had that same thought the last time I ordered checks! There really should be more than one register for sure. And yes, I absolutely concur on the whole change thing – it’s kind of nervy for them to assume your change should go in their tip jar, unless you actually *say* “keep the change!” 🙂 Glad you like the new place – I was totally thinking “Cool! A ghost!” about the light in the closet. And yeah, I like Ghost Hunters much better than Ghost Adventures!

    Elle – a kid missing the bus, *especially* on a Monday, is definitely not fun. And I’m glad I’m not alone on the whole ‘not being able to get things done’ mode when the hubby is home from work. I do refer to mine as “Hovering Hubby” for a reason. 😉 Ohhh! Mumble is so cute! I hope he finds a forever home soon!!

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