Meow Monday

Last week I was away enjoying a vacation in Disney World with my husband. We left the kiddos at home because that’s the kind of mean parents we are. It was truly the best time ever! I highly recommend it.

The cats weren’t too happy about me being away, probably because they didn’t have someone responding quickly enough to their constant need to be adored and worshipped. This week they’ve been alternating between ignoring me and demanding to be petted. Which is actually pretty typical with cats.

So this week, as we join Oreo from Small Town Mommy, I thought it would be fitting to show a different kind of cat. One of my very favorite Disney cats.


No big surprise that The Aristocats is one of my favorite movies.

Which bring us to our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.




Meet Tim! He’s a 4 year old domestic shorthair. Tim is kind of shy at first but, once he gets to know you, he makes an excellent couch potato who likes his belly rubs. Tim is kind of scared being at the shelter so we’d love to get him adopted soon. Come meet him at Lollypop Farm.

There are lots of cats and kittens available for adoption at Lollypop Farm and tomorrow is your chance to adopt one for free!


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3 Responses to Meow Monday

  1. I love the Aristocats! And Tim is a cutie – if we didn’t already have 5 cats, I’d snag him. 🙂

  2. I want a free kitty! I absolutely love kittens.

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