Floating Around in the Pool & Monkeys. Must be Tuesday.

I really meant to write this post last night but I was too tired from spending the afternoon in the pool. Amazing how some sunshine and swimming with the kids will wear you out. Then I thought I would have time in the morning to throw some random crap together  to craft a well thought out post of random thoughts. As if! I had to leave early to pick up Sissy from a friend’s house and bring her home then go to work.

My lunch break consisted of this.


Which would you rather do? Sit inside and wrack your brain for witty random thoughts or go float in the pool? You know which one I picked and it was totally worth it. Work has been warm and humid because of all the construction. Apparently the AC doesn’t work so well when you have lots of holes in a building. The lunchtime swim was just what I needed to face the humidity and craziness of construction. I think more of my lunch breaks are going to involve floating around in the pool. Everyone would be in a better mood if they floated around in a pool during their lunch breaks. I think that should be a rule.

In case you missed this little news story from a couple of weeks ago.

Good to know the monkey was a professional! Nobody would want to be bitten by an unprofessional monkey. That’s just wrong.

If my husband came home from work and said he’d been bitten by a monkey you can bet I’d be ordering a full haz-mat suit for him. Two words….. monkey pox! I totally don’t want to be the family that comes down with monkey pox.

Neighbor 1: I haven’t seen the Burton’s in a while.

Neighbor 2: Didn’t you hear? They have the monkey pox.

Neighbor 1: Holy crap! Is that why their door has a big picture of a silhouette of a monkey in a cirlce with a line through it? I thought they just didn’t like monkeys.

Neighbor 2: Now they really don’t like monkeys!


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2 Responses to Floating Around in the Pool & Monkeys. Must be Tuesday.

  1. I think floating around in a pool is an awesome lunch break. All I need is a pool.

  2. Andrea says:

    Forget Monkey-Pox, I’m still stuck on the picture of the pool….

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