Meow Monday

It’s Monday and that means we join Oreo from Small Town Mommy to celebrate Oreo. He’s nice enough to share his special day with us.

We still have our Rosie our foster kitten. She’s growing fast and it won’t be long before she’s big enough to  get spayed and get adopted. We’ll sure miss little Miss Rosie Posy.

For the most part we keep her separated from our other cats. Besides being so tiny she is also deaf so when she falls asleep nothing wakes her up. She’s safer in her own room unless she’s supervised. We had her upstairs in the family room and introduced her to our cats.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rosie and Jezebel. I think it needs a great caption.

Jezebel and Rosie

Now for our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!



Pumpkin is a 5-year-old domestic longhair mix. He’s quite a handsome guy and he’d love to come home with you! Lollypop Farm is offering Five Dollar Felines through the end of July. This means that approved adopters can take Pumpkin, or any other cat age 1 year and up, home for an adoption fee of just $5. Come meet Pumpkin at Lollypop Farm!



Here’s more info on the Five Dollar Felines at Lollypop Farm



What a deal! Stop by Lollypop Farm and see all the wonderful cats available for adoption.

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