Where did August Go? WTH?

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Soooo..apparently I neglected writing a WTHW post for the entire month of August! WTH??!! I’m not sure if anyone actually noticed, but I feel guilty all the same. Okay, not that guilty.

Today was the first day of school for our two youngest. Our youngest daughter is starting high school today and our son is starting middle school. Two new schools and one nervous mom. I’m sitting here waiting for them to get home, hoping they both had a wonderful day and anxious to her about it.

We live on a pretty busy street and the bus stop for all of the kids has been right in our driveway. We finally received our bus assignments last week and I realized that J-Man’s bus stop wasn’t our house, but the neighbors. WTH??!! Normally you’d think the neighbor’s house would be fine and they are perfectly lovely neighbors, but it’s the street. There isn’t any sidewalk and because our house is on a hill, there isn’t even a grassy place for J-Man to walk. Also, the way our yards are designed there isn’t any way for him to cut through. He’ll be walking on the side of the street with cars coming at him going 40+ mph. In the winter time he’ll have to walk in the street because of the ice. How is that safe? I’m so upset about the whole thing. I called the transportation company immediately and was told that they talked to the bus driver and the driver said it was only a little over 100 feet so it wasn’t a big deal and they weren’t going to make the extra stop but I could dispute it. WTH??!! So I filled out the form immediately and faxed it over. I still haven’t heard the result, but I’m not holding out any hope and fully expect to have to dispute their decision. Two months ago he was in elementary school and they stopped at the neighbors and then stopped at our house. Two months later it’s safe? Just because he’s in middle school? If we lived in a neighborhood or even had some sidewalks, I’d be okay with it. But as it stands now, it’s just flat-out dangerous.

My husband does some traveling for business and it’s always such a pain when he’s away during the school year instead of in the summertime. Doesn’t it figure that he didn’t go away once during summer vacation and the very first day of school he has an overnight trip! WTH??!! Granted it’s just one night and he is bringing Krispy Kreme donuts back with him, but it still irks me a bit.


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  1. We are battling with our bus company too but in our case the police chief said it was safe. Either way, they are both incorrect.
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