Halloween 2015

We did it! We somehow managed to get everything done for Halloween 2015. Okay, maybe not everything. There is still a batch of cookie dough in my fridge that was meant to be frosted Halloween cookies and our 3 pumpkins are sitting in the basement sad, dejected, and uncarved. But, we can still eat frosted ghost and bat cookies and carve pumpkins the day after Halloween but you have to finish the Halloween Costume on time.

This year, J-Man made the jump from cute costumes to kind of creepy. This year he decided he wanted to be Specter Knight. It shouldn’t have been that hard, and it really wasn’t, I just couldn’t seem to start. I didn’t even start the darn thing until a day or two before Halloween.

His costume became a group effort, kind of like the group challenges on Project Runway without all the drama and the “Witch, please!” that usually goes on around group challenges. Sissy made the skulls out of white felt, painted their faces and stuffed them with the only thing we had handy, plastic grocery bags. My husband made the mask, thank you very much! The rest was me. I didn’t have enough time to make the boot covers he wanted, but he was really happy with the results and that’s all that matters.

Specter Knight Halloween 2015
Halloween 2015 Specter Knight Costume

photobomb courtesy of Jezebel.

It was the first time I let the two of them go off by themselves, I know, she’s 17 and old enough to take care of him, but it’s the other people and cars I worry about. They did fine, he came back with a bag full of candy, including a full-size Hershey bar and people handed candy to Sissy too. Score! The only issue of the night? Someone told J-Man they loved his Darth Vader costume. Really? Not sure how they came up with that.

We stayed back at the self-proclaimed Scrabble Queen’s house, ate lots of chili and desserts and had a great time. Once we were home, J-Man checked out his loot while we watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and he ate candy. This morning he said, “Yesterday was a perfect day.” Yes, it was!

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