If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Meow Monday.

It’s Meow Monday on Tuesday because I’ve been away on vacation and didn’t get home until last night. The word of the day is exhausted. Good thing I had so much fun. Can’t beat a girls weekend in Disney World!

Last week, before our trip, Snuffy came to work with me to hang out and get lots of attention. Basically, his favorite thing, being the center of attention. 

That’s it for this week. I totally need a vacation after my vacation. 

Meet Popcorn, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week

Popcorn #36504013

Hiding in that cozy blanket is Miss Popcorn, a 1-year-old female domestic shorthair mix who needs a new home. Though she may be camera shy, it’s still easy to see she’s a cute kitty. She’s waiting for just the right humans to bring her out of her shell….or blanket. Come meet her and all her feline friends at Lollypop Farm

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