Meow Monday

Snuffy is often the focus of Meow Monday posts. I admit it, he’s my favorite. Snuffy is a huge sneezer. He is famous for coming up for affection and then sneezing in your face and when he sneezes, it’s bad. Yet, we still love him. I caught the next few pictures of him sneezing. I didn’t get the actual sneeze, but you probably don’t want to see that. 

Black and white cat meow Monday

Black and white cat meow Monday

Black and white cat meow Monday

I love his expression after his sneeze. He’s such a character.

Do your cats have any funny quirks?

If you’re looking to add a furry companion to your family, you’re in luck. 

Meet Teddy, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week

Teddy #37895110

Handsome Teddy is a 10-year-old male domestic shorthair cat who’s looking for a new home.  This guy can go home with approved adopters, age 60 and over, for no fee through the Seniors-for-Seniors program at Lollypop Farm.

Don’t forget to tune in to and donate to the Tails of Hope Telethon to Benefit Lollypop Farm.

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