Tips for Choosing the Best Road Trip Vehicle

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If the words road trip strike terror in your heart, we have a few tips to help ease your anxiety. Because our family is spread-out all over the east, west, and south, we are quite adept at road-tripping. At one point we were traveling with 4 kids and 3 dogs and if we survived that, you can too!

Tips for Choosing the Best Road Trip Vehicle

Size & Model of Vehicle

Before you go shopping for a new vehicle think about the size of vehicle you need. A smaller vehicle for commuting might be great, but if you know that road-trips are in your future, a larger vehicle might be more in order, maybe an SUV or a Crossover. We chose our last few vehicles for their seating capacity and, because we often bring our dogs with us, a roomy enough cargo area large enough to fit 3 dogs comfortably is also a must.

White dog in car

Perry enjoying all the room in the cargo area

Gas Mileage

The second consideration is gas mileage. Once we decided on the size we wanted, we researched which vehicles would have the best gas mileage in that class. To help narrow it down, has this handy article Best and Worst Gas Mileage 2018.

Must-Have Options

A few must-have options are heated seats, a requirement for our cold winters, a sunroof to enjoy those sunny days, lots of available storage spaces, and an entertainment system to help keep the kids occupied.
We chose the Honda Pilot because it fit all of our requirements for safety, good gas mileage, and is roomy enough for all of us.

White Honda Pilot suv

Honda Pilot


What do you look for in a road trip vehicle?

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