Staying Warm

Once again we are in the midst of a polar vortex. I don’t remember having polar vortexes when I was a kid, I remember having big snowstorms and some extra cold days, we didn’t have any fancy names for the cold days. Unless we were expecting a blizzard, it was just winter.

I’m not a fan of the negative windchills and my little dogs hate it too. We bundle up, run outside, and I yell “Hurry up and go potty!” Because I’m cool like that.

Speaking of cool, meet Sophie, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Forbid cat

Sophie is a beautiful 10-year-old cat who is looking for a new home. She came to Lollypop Farm because the landlord where she was previously living said that she couldn’t stay. Sophie has a wonderfully soft multi-colored coat and a sweet, calm disposition. She is available through the Seniors-for-Seniors program, and can go home with an approved adopter 60-years or older for free. Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Sophie today!

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Meow Monday

The weekend storm left us with a bunch of snow and bitter cold temps. But, we stayed warm and cozy inside.

Meet Priscilla, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Priscilla #40403374

Black and white female cat

Priscilla is a lovely 2-year-old cat who is looking for a family. She came to Lollypop Farm from a home where there were too many pets. Priscilla is a petite black and white kitty with a sweet personality! She loves to curl up for a nap – a fuzzy blanket or lap will do just fine! Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Priscilla today. Learn more: 

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Meow Monday 2018 Instagram Recap

In case you didn’t know, Snuffy has his own Instagram account. Follow Cool Cat Snuffy if you need more cats in your Instagram feed.

2018 had highs and lows, as life does. Here’s to a better 2019.

Collage of cat picturesCollage of cat pictures Collage of cat pictures

Meet Caly, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week!

Caly #40344306

Calico cat

Caly is an adorable 1-year-old cat who came to Lollypop Farm when her previous owners felt that she needed more attention than they were able to give her. Caly has the most beautiful green eyes and multicolored coat, with a cute little black spot on top of her head! Caly can be a bit nervous at first when meeting new people, but she warms up quickly – a little ear rub helps! Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet Caly today! Learn more:

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2018 Instagram Recap

A Throwback Thursday all the way back to 2018. Overall, it was a good year. There were good times, great times, and some really heartbreaking times. But, isn’t that the way life goes? It’s about enjoying the hell out of the good times with your loved ones and picking yourself up and going forward in the hard times. Just keep swimming.

Follow me on Instagram for more photos of cats and Disney.

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Meow Monday Christmas Countdown

It’s our Meow Monday Christmas Countdown and we’re starting to feel the holiday pressure at our house. Somehow, we always get everything done and have a great holiday, but it can be more stressful than I like.

Here’s someone who rarely ever feels stressed. He was a good boy this year and even got to visit with Santa.

So, he wasn’t a huge fan of the hat, but you have to admit, it’s pretty awesome. We took Snuffy to Lollypop Farm while they were doing their yearly Holiday Pet Photos. I think they came out great!

Don’t forget, if you’re thinking of adding a new furry family member, now is the purrfect time!

Throughout the month of December, during the Home for the Holidays adoption special, all adoption fees at Lollypop Farm and off-site adoption locations are 50% off, and senior pets (6 years or older) can go home for free!

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