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Happy Thanksgiving by a 9 Year-Old

Tuesday afternoon our 9 year-old son had a Thanksgiving get together at school.  Luckily my husband has had the week off, so he got to come too.  Usually he has to work during all the school things.  It was cute, … Continue reading

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Random Tuesday Thoughts – My Brain is Mush

Keelyat The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness. Stacy~ I had a wicked awesome (originally from Mass people) long weekend.  I hope … Continue reading

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Ya, The Kids Missed The Bus

I hate it when the kids miss the bus and lucky for me it doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately, it happened yesterday morning. We bundled up, went down the stairs, through the tunnel and out the garage. We got out … Continue reading

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Letter to Sissy's Teacher

Dear Sissy’s Teacher, You assigned “What I Did over Thanksgiving Break” for homework last night. As I was packing up Sissy’s backpack this morning in our mad dash nice and stress free way to catch the bus, I saw this assignment. What she … Continue reading

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Well last night I had to go to my first D.A.R.E. meeting.  Let me start off with the reason why I had to go, I want to explain this because every time I told someone I had to go to … Continue reading

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