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Letter To Sissy's Teacher '08

  This was my post after Thanksgiving last year. Due to the surgery that kicked my ass way more than I ever thought it would, we did even less this year. So I thought a repeat would be appropriate plus I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving by a 9 Year-Old

Tuesday afternoon our 9 year-old son had a Thanksgiving get together at school.  Luckily my husband has had the week off, so he got to come too.  Usually he has to work during all the school things.  It was cute, … Continue reading

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What The Hell Wednesday 3

Wednesdays are great for Wordless and Wordful posts, but we decided to go a different route and create our own Wednesday fun. We figured what the hell. That’s how we started What The Hell Wednesday. Who are we kidding? That’s … Continue reading

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Letter to Sissy's Teacher

Dear Sissy’s Teacher, You assigned “What I Did over Thanksgiving Break” for homework last night. As I was packing up Sissy’s backpack this morning in our mad dash nice and stress free way to catch the bus, I saw this assignment. What she … Continue reading

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Obligatory Giving Thanks Post

Of course I’m thankful for my kids, family, blah, blah, blah, etc. But  I decided that I would post a list of more mundane things I’m thankful for. Things that on the surface don’t seem that important, but really make … Continue reading

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