Working from Home with Cats

I took a day to work from home earlier this week thinking a nice quiet house would help me get more done. I did, but my “coworkers” weren’t very helpful. Working from home with cats helping is always a challenge. They really want all the attention, and food, always food.

Snuffy didn’t see any issues with sitting in front of my laptop. How else was I going to pet him? What you don’t see is Rosie on the other side of the laptop asleep on my legs.

Working from home with cats black and white cat on laptop

George was like, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, are you busy?

Working from home with cats ginger cat staring

And Rosie seemed a little angry.

Working from home with cats white cat looking angry sitting on laptop

Do you need a new fluffy coworker to help you around the house?

Meet Pete, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Working from home with cats stripes grey tiger kitty

Pete is a handsome 12-year-old cat who is looking for a new home! He came to Lollypop Farm when his owner sadly passed away. Pete is a calm, gentle kitty who would love to share a spot on the couch with you. He is available through the Seniors-for-Seniors program, and can go home with an approved adopter 60-years or older for free. Stop by Lollypop Farm to meet him today!
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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

We can’t let National Dress Up Your Pet Day go by without a few pictures of dressed up pets.

Here’s a very old photo of Snuffy wearing a witch’s costume from Build-A-Bear. That’s what happens when one of your kids is home from school sick and bored.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day black and white cat wearing a pink witch costume

Not all of our pets enjoy dressing up as much as Miss Molly, our Yorkie. She is such a little diva even when wearing the cone of shame and a baby snap t-shirt to cover her stitches.

National dress up your pet day collage of a yorkie and two cats wearing hats and costumes

Do you ever dress up your pets?

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National Cuddle Up Day

Today is National Cuddle Up Day and what could be more purrfect than having it fall on Meow Monday?

Snuffy is the best cat to cuddle up with. Especially on a blustery winter day.

Black and white cat sleeping National Cuddle Up Day

Today, take a few minutes and celebrate National Cuddle Up Day by cuddling up with your favorite furriend. Enjoy #NationalCuddleUpDay

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2019 Instagram Recap

I know I can look back in my Instagram feed but I enjoy my yearly Instagram recap. It helps me reflect on the past year and remember the highlights.

Looks like I wasn’t quite as active on Instagram this year. Something to work on for 2020.

We started out the year by tearing up the living room carpet and found beautiful hardwood floors underneath. Score! We celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took an amazing family trip to the coast of Maine. One of the highlights of our year because we were all together. Something that’s so rare these days.

In June I did an incredibly crazy thing, I bought myself a convertible! I can’t wait to start driving it again in the spring!!

In August we visited our daughter and son-in-law in Nebraska and played with our grandchildren. Being so far apart is definitely one of the hardest things. September meant the start of senior year for our youngest and the start of the lasts for us.

September also brought another much-needed Disgals trip to Disney World. We also got a bargain in a new dining room set.

Over Halloween we made a trip to the spooky skeleton house! Thanksgiving brought another trip to Massachusetts.

We picked up a bunch of wreaths for the house, took a trip to Woodman’s of Essex for our favorite seafood. Found our deck furniture in the pool when we got home. I managed to craft a wreath. Christmas was very low key since the stomach bug hit our house the Saturday before. We managed to rally and still have a Merry Christmas.

Let’s see what 2020 brings! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Year!

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Home For The Holidays

Twenty years ago this month, we adopted this adorable boy from Lollypop Farm and brought him home for the holidays. It was our first Christmas after moving to New York and we were missing our friends and family.

Black and white cat

We took a chance on this adorable funny faced snorty boy and it was the best decision ever. Here we are about to celebrate 20 Christmases with our Snuffy.

Black and white cat sniffing Christmas tree

Is it any wonder Christmas is his favorite time of the year?

Now is your chance to bring a new furry friend Home For the Holidays.

Orange tiger kitten promo for home for the holidays at Lollypop Farm

Now through December 31, 2019, you can adopt a new furriend for 50% off and all senior pets, age 6 and up, are free. What are you waiting for?

Meet Flokie, our Lollypop Farm Pet of the Week.

Black and white cat

Flokie is a gorgeous 4-year-old cat who is looking for a new home. She came to Lollypop Farm after being found abandoned in Macedon, NY. Flokie is an energetic kitty who loves to play with toys! She has a beautiful black and white coat with the cutest markings. Now through the end of the year, visit Lollypop Farm to find 50% off all pet adoption fees and free seniors 6 years and older! Stop by to meet Flokie today!

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