Elle and Stacy's Summer Vacation


Stacy and I are always talking about taking a road trip together. Since we won't be taking one this year, Sissy and I made this neat little video instead. Stacy saw it for the first time this morning and this was her reaction.

if I was a psychiatrist I would think that you have some underlying aggression towards your younger sister.  Maybe you like to picture bad things happening to her.  Hmmmmmm????

I told her she was supposed to be a horse but I got a baby sister instead. Maybe if I'd got that horse I wouldn't be plotting making funny movies of her.

Have a great day,


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7 Responses to Elle and Stacy's Summer Vacation

  1. Susan says:

    OMG I am LMAO ROFL- I have never used so many abbreviations:) Love your creativity… and your sis may be a lil’ right!

  2. Tammy Warren says:

    OH, how I love this. This is so something I would love to do. Thank you for the inspiration! The song itself lifted my day!


  3. Tammy Warren says:

    Forgot to say…” I am glad you are better 🙂 “

  4. Tammy Warren says:

    I came back to see it again.

  5. Be honest, you do this professionally. I love it.
    And my four year old who was sitting next to me while I watched says “I want to see another one, that was funny”

    there you go, you are a comic genius.

    BTW you have the BEST BLOG NAME EVER.

  6. Tammy Warren says:

    Hey..I came back again…I tried to drop another EC card but for some reason they are not working tonight.

  7. Mrs. F says:

    This is absolute creative genius! I giggled the whole way through! You and sissy did an amazing job!

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