Bored at Open House

I wrote this last night, in a notebook……

Well, here I am at 6:45pm waiting for my son’s open house at his middle school to begin.  And, gee, what am I doing?  Paying attention……uh, no……trying to think up a blog!  I guess I could write one and have it be all about complaints that I have, as Elle puts it so kindly, “you’re a hater“.  I’m actually a very happy person, things just, well, irk me!  Like so far, I sat all by myself away from people.  Now we are in the school gym in the bleachers, and although there are plenty of other seats available I find myself suddenly surrounded!  And lucky me, I get to stare down the back of some mom’s too low jeans because she’s dressed like a BRATZ doll.  At least she doesn’t have a “tramp stamp”.  OMG!  I’m surrounded!  I should of sat at the very top of the bleachers!  One problem, I think I’m afraid of heights now.  And how rude, but the people around me are trying to read what I’m writing!  I’m sure they’re wondering, “is she really taking notes on all this?”.  I’m already bored, I could be home in my sweats right now, I mean “yoga” pants. 

Right now they are talking about the school dress code – some of the teachers need to be listening to this! And now the gym teacher is going on a rant about morning drop off.  He’s not actually talking about gym at all!  Even the principal looks uncomfortable.  You know what I just noticed but both gym teachers have their whistles hanging off their pockets.  Now, they are sort of dressed up for gym teachers, so to have a whistle hanging off their pocket kinda looks funny.  I don’t think they ever take those off!  Could you imagine if your dad or husband had a whistle on all the time???  Everytime you’d do something they didn’t agree with, they’d blow their whistle.  “honey we need to talk“, “WRRRRRRRRRRRR” (sorry that’s my whistle sound)
could you take the trash out”  “WRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR“.  That would be sooo totally annoying!  Okay, I guess I have to go pay attention now, and these people reading over my shoulder are really bothering me!~Stacy