What it's Not & More Vague Hints

Little Big Sister left a comment that my hints are too vague. I’ll let her get away with that because she’s my daughter. I guess they were so vague it took her a while to figure it out, but I think that’s because it’s normal to her. In fact J-Man and Sissy were surprised everyone didn’t have one.

Here’s what it’s not:

It’s not a trained, mail retrieving snake. I hate snakes! That would be mail I would never touch, all slimy with snake cooties. Who wants snake cooties all over their mail? Not me.

It’s not a tanning bed. Can you believe I’m allergic to the sun. Who the freak is allergic to the sun? I tried going to a tanning salon when I was 18 and every time I went I broke out in huge itchy hives. Ya, I looked dope with those huge welty hives and my slightly off white “tan”. What a hottie! Still to this day I get red itchy bumps on my arms and chest and if I’m in the sun too many days in a row, those hives come back. My coolness knows no bounds. 

It’s not a robot maid, although that would be the bestest thing ever. A robot maid. She could be my BFF and clean my house and I could blog all day. Oh, how wonderful that would be. But she can’t talk back to me like Rosie on The Jetson’s. I get enough people talking back to me at work, don’t need no stinkin’ robot dissing me. As long as we’re clear on that she can stay.

Now for the hints

1. You’ll never meet anyone else who has one. At least I have that claim to fame.

2. It isn’t portable. It’s a part of our house. So no you can’t have mine. You’ll have to get your own.

3. All of us do use it everyday, usually several times a day.

I guess these are still vague, but give it a shot and take a wild guess. We’ll reveal what it is in our next Elle & Stacy video.