You Like Us!

We’ve received 4 awards in the past few weeks and that’s so cool. All of you ladies have such awesome blogs and it was an honor to receive them.  It’s been crazy around here as usual, so we’re a little behind in our thanks.

Kelly at The Neurotic Mom gave us this award. If you haven’t checked out her site you should and she has an awesome new design.


 Thanks to Christie at Snappy Mom for tagging us with this one. The rules are to share 7 random things or weird facts about ourselves and tag 7 other people.


1. I didn’t learn to pump my own gas until I was 30 and Stacy, my little sister, had to teach me.

2. I’m allergic to pretty much all antibiotics so when I get sick, I’m out of luck.

3. So a person who’s allergic to antibiotics should be careful about germs, right? Except, I work in a pharmacy. Gee, no germs there.


4. When I eat cereal, I pour the milk in the bowl first, then add a little cereal, eat that, add more and so on until the milk is gone. Voila! No soggy cereal.

5. I don’t like feet, especially man feet. Gross!

6. Except my feet. I have to have nail polish on my toes at all times.

7. At night, when I walk the dog and he’s done, I run into the house as fast as I can and don’t look back so I don’t see the serial killer/monster/zombie chasing me and then lock the door so it can’t get me.

 We’re tagging

 Dana at The Homesteading Housewife
Tena at Punky Monkey’s

 Jen at The Peacock’s Nesting Place

Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy

Leanne at Tired Mama

Anne at Small Town Mommy

Signe at Signe Says


 Thanks to Signe Says for this awesome award.  Check out her site too!

Helene gave us this award. Isn’t it pretty?

This award requires that we list six things that make us happy and then list six awesome bloggers that we’ll give it to.


1. A day without poop from my cats, dogs or children.

2. A good night’s sleep. At least I think this would make me happy. I’d actually have to experience it first.

3. If I never saw another pair of Crocs as long as I live.


4. Hershey’s Kisses


6. My children

Here are the 6 bloggers that we’ll pass this along to.

Mrs. Bear at Outnumered Two to One

Becki at Harmony in Motion

Rachel at Following in My Shoes

You and You and You. Take this award and have some fun with it!