Wordful Wednesday OMG! It's Kimba!


 When I was little, this was my all time favoritest show ever! Growing up we even had a white kitty that we named Kimba. We thought she was anti-social because she never came when you called. It turned out that she wasn’t just a kitty snob, she was deaf. Go figure.

Anyhow, some of you know our 20 year old daughter is at Disney World right now doing an internship. We miss her a lot, but she’s doing well. She must miss us a little bit because on Friday we got a huge package in the mail with Disney gifts for everyone. We had to wait until she got out of work and called us before we could open the big box. That box sat on the dining room table for about 3 hours taunting the kids before she called. J-Man loved his Wall-E and Eve action figures and Sissy loves her TInker Bell Snow Globe. J-Man has been chasing Sissy around the house with the pirate skull that came filled with pirate booty. Isn’t that what brothers are for? I think it’s a law somewhere. DD’s Dad loves his frosted Pirates mug and he loved my Mickey Mouse Pirate antennae topper so much he took it for himself. He said it matched his car. Apparently, his car is more piratey than mine. She sent me a nice Disney bag that we’ll be able to use on our trip there in May. Then there was the present that she sent me that she kept teasing me about, saying, “You’ll love it” and “You’ll never guess what it is” and she made me wait until everyone had opened their gifts before I could open mine.

YES! It’s my very own Kimba action figure! OMG! This is like the best present I’ve ever gotten. She could’ve sent me a diamond necklace and I wouldn’t be as happy. Although, I’d never turn a diamond necklace down, I’m just saying. I’m sure everyone is now completely jealous and hating on me because of my Kimba, but hey, I don’t care. I’ve got Kimba! Thanks DD!

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