Wordful Wednesday ~ Crazy Cat Lady

While scanning in pictures for a birthday slide show for our Dad’s 80th birthday, I came across a lot of pictures that seemed to have the same theme. They involved me holding/sitting with a least one cat/kitten or holding multiple kittens. WUWT? Here are just a few of those cat pictures.

This would be our first cat named Jingle Bells (we are currently on Jingle Bells 3) and her litter of kittens.  


Not sure, but I think I’m holding 3 kittens here


Looks like I have my cat Snoopy here.

Here I am with some other cats at my aunt and uncles farm in Ohio.


All of these pictures with me and cats leads me to question my future. Is it this? 

I guess it would be kinda cool. I’d have my own Action Figure



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