Random Tuesday Thoughts

Keely at The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness.


I’ve come to realize that when you don’t want to get your period, that’s when you’ll get it.  Even if it’s not even the time.  (Sorry to any guys that may actually read this).  Not that there is any good time, but it always seems to arrive when you are going on vacation, have a big event to go to, or plan on wearing a white bathing suit to the beach.

My boys are sometimes deaf, dumb and stupid.  No offense, but sometimes, I wonder…for example I will tell them that I am going down cellar to do laundry to which they say, “okay mom”.  After I am elbow deep in the washer trying to shove put all the clothes in I hear it.  One of them will be standing in the kitchen above me just yelling, “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom“.  Now, they don’t move, they just yell “Mom” over and over again.  I of course am downstairs screaming, “WHAT!!! I AM DOWNSTAIRS DOING LAUNDRY STOP YELLING!! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!”  What’s wrong with them?  It never fails…every stinking time!

Elle, as you know, is my sister.  She is someone who can basically say anything to me and get away with it.  She has a get out of jail free card with me.  She is also the one who will say the worst thing to me, and it will just make me laugh out loud!  And I wouldn’t expect anything less than that from her.  For example in an email today I mentioned how I had such a sharp pain in my right side, and how I was worried it may be my right ovary.  I have surgery scheduled for June for a hysterectomy, and maybe removal of my left ovary, so I was worried I may have a problem with both.  Well Elle emailed me back and said, “oh I wouldn’t worry about your right side, the extreme pain you felt is probably your appendix, so look on the bright side!”  Great, I am going to have a burst appendix….but it made me laugh.

My dog Bruno is stupid.  The first day we brought him home, our cat Starfox (named after a video game), scratched him on his nose.  Everyday since then Starfox has bullied and tortured Bruno.  And Bruno is scared of him, but every day he will try to play with Starfox.  It’s like he thinks that maybe today is the day when Starfox will like him and play with him.  But every time he trys Starfox puts the smackdown on him.  Poor stupid Bruno.



Today at work there was a women from corporate helping out. She was a touchy feely person and I’m not. She put her hand on my back and I said “No offense, but I’m a no touch me person.” I said no offense, which, as you know, is a free pass for insulting people.  Ugh! I really hate touching, hugging and being too close to other people. It just makes me uncomfortable. Stacy and I live 400 miles apart and when we see each other, it’s the most awkward hug, kinda like an air hug where you don’t actually touch the other person. Another thing I have trouble with is close talkers. You know, people who get right in your face to talk to you and you keep taking steps back and they keep coming forward because they practically have to be kissing you to talk. Those people have to stay out of my hula hoop.

I broke up with Old Man Winter and Jack Frost and I’m so over them, but apparently they didn’t get the 411 because it snowed here today. That’s right, freakin’ snow! I sent the kids to school in spring jackets without hats or mittens and then a couple hours later we get snow. Really, WUWT? I don’t think I can take this cold anymore and am slowly going insane due to prolonged exposure to cold. I need some warm sunshine and a margarita stat!

As our regular readers (all 3 of you) know, we’re going to Disney World in May to pick up our daughter that’s doing an internship there. I really would like to have a video camera to capture and blog about our road trip, but it’s just not in the budget. I’d love to have one given to us to try out and review on the blog, but I realize that’s not going to happen. But a girl can dream.