Why We're Deathly Afraid of Rubber Bands

If you’re here for our Random Tuesday post, just scroll down. You see, today is our older brother’s birthday and we couldn’t let it go without giving him a hard time wishing him a Happy Birthday!

Having an older brother has shaped our lives in so many ways.

1. We will never have to ask what a noogie or an indian sunburn is because we know firsthand.

2. The site of someone shooting rubber bands at us causes traumatic flashbacks from our childhood and can make us cower in a corner crying “Stop or I’m telling Mom!” Try explaining that to your boss.

3. I can actually say that I know what socks taste like. I have a vivid memory of him shoving a sock in my mouth. Fun times!

4. Sometimes I’m surprised that I’m not afraid of the water. He used to push me under water in our swimming pool. Then I would scream for our mom and tell on him. She would make him sit on the deck as a punishment and he would sit there on the deck glaring at me. I told on him every time. Really, was he that surprised about getting punished?

5. He told me that flying monkeys, like the ones in The Wizard of Oz, lived in the old abandoned well in the woods next to our house. He told me that at night they would fly out of the well and steal any children that were outside and take them down into the well. 

6. Since he’s now oldan adult, I haven’t been called a baby snooks in years and I don’t have to watch The Three Stooges or the original Star Trek anymore.

8. During dinners he liked to make Stacy laugh so hard that milk would come out of her nose. He really was a pro at that.

7.  Even though he tormented us a lot while growing up, he’s also the one who helped teach me how to ski, took me snowmobiling and sliding. He still makes us laugh and he’s a great uncle, although a bit of a troublemaker egging the kids on. Plus he’ll always be older than us! Happy Birthday!