A Day of Rest

The person that said “Sunday is a day of rest” sure the hell wasn’t a mother. I can’t remember the last Sunday I rested. I had to be a work at 7:30 this morning and I was sooooo tired. I was up way too late last night online looking at Disney stuff. We have our reservations all set for the Port Orleans and that’s great, but just the other day I had this little thought, “It’s too bad we didn’t know where DD was going to be working or we could’ve booked there.” So now this thought has been bugging me. She’s working at the Caribbean Beach Resort and it would make things easier if we were at the same place. That way she could meet up with us easier. We could give her our extra room key and she could go there to get changed after work and then just meet us at one of the parks. We could torment visit her while she’s working and take pictures say hi to her. So I’m on the fence. I really wanted Port Orleans, but now I’m leaning towards CBR. I suppose I could call Disney and see. I’m not sure what’s available or if it will cost us more money. If anyone has stayed at either resort, your thoughts would be appreciated!

Back to day of rest…see how easy I get sidetracked. I got out of work at 12:30 and grabbed a few groceries even though I did some shopping last night after work. I got home and realized I’d forgotten to buy lunch stuff. So back to the store. Back home, make lunch and then it’s time to start baking. I need to make sugar cookies and pumpkin bread. I made sugar cookies last week in cute Easter shapes and had frosted them with pink, yellow, purple and green frosting. Oh, those little bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers looked so pretty. I was going to mail them to DD at Disney and then what do you know. We ate them all. So now I have to get them done today for mailing out first thing in the morning. I got the sugar cookie dough made and put in the fridge. The pumpkin bread is in the oven. I still need to make brownies for school lunches and dinner. Plus, the kids have homework and need some serious pushing to get it done. All I want to do is to go lie down and take a nap. It’s just not going to happen. I’ve got to go get dinner started then after dinner, when the kids finally get to bed I’ll be out in the kitchen rolling out bunnies, chicks, eggs and flowers, baking them, cooling them and then frosting them so they have time to set before I pack them up in the morning to take to the post office.  Hope your Sunday has been more restful!