Mental Defective Monday 10

1. funny words that start with the letter m-Marco (always followed by Polo), Mulberry, mulligan, monkey,

2. monkey butt wine-mmmmm sounds yummy doesn’t it?  Could you please pass that monkey butt wine?  My question is, is it a red or white wine? Does it get better with age?

3. monkey butt body wash-so does it smell like a monkey’s butt and really, is that the scent you’re going for?

4. Bent over butts showing monkey-huh? I’ve never heard it called a monkey before.

5. Redneck butts-what like Tom Arnold, Kid Rock, admit it, he’s a redneck. You’re pretty particular aren’t you? Why? Are redneck butts better?

6. Moon sand is evil-Finally! Something we can agree on!

7 evil geniuses inventing stuff-like Moon Sand?

8. Best monkey butt picture-what really constitutes the BEST monkey butt picture?  I mean really, is there some sort of guideline to determine this?

9. –okay, who has the fetish for the grinch?  No offense, but the grinch doesn’t really look like he has a butt.

10. Butt wiggles-are you wiggling your butt when you walk or is your butt wiggling on its own?  Two different things there.

11. Monkey butt coffee mug-again, another thing we need to merchandise with our wicked awesome name!

12. I swallowed moon sand is it toxic?-IDK, but usually if it isn’t, it’ll say that on the package, maybe you could try a doctors office or better yet, poison control.

13. My dog ate a candle now what?-we had so many keyword searches involving this topic this week, WTH is up with dogs eating candles?  Is it the new in thing to do or something?

14. With her new blue monkey-she did what?  Tell me, tell me, what did she do with her new blue monkey?

15. Free monkey porn-Because really, who wants to pay for monkey porn when the free stuff is so much better.