Random Tuesday Thoughts~Allergies & Squirrel Tails

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I work part time, sometimes more part time than I would like.  I am suppose to work 5 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  I do have a flexible schedule so I am able to take time off for the kids vacations, sick days, and appointments.  Last week I worked 2 days because it was April vacation.  I, of course, was planning on working a full week this week as there are no days off or half days at the kids school.  Well, guess what, our youngest woke up today and his eyes were swollen shut!  His allergies were so bad he couldn’t even see.  So, I was home today too.  It’s been 4 days since I’ve been at work, which means a tiny paycheck, and a huge workload waiting for me on my desk tomorrow.

Speaking of him being sick, I took him to the doctor today and got the best advice ever.  Yea, according to the doctor we should not open any windows ever, not let one drop of outside air in, and basically not let him leave the house until allergy season is over.  Can you sense the sarcasm?  I told her that it was unrealistic to think that we could keep out all outside air, keep him inside the house at all times and keep him from breathing any outside air.  I mean unless he becomes The Boy in The Plastic Bubble.  How does he get to school without being outside?   And do I need to call the school and tell them not to open any windows anywhere in the building because my son cannot breath the outside air??  I’m sure that would go over well.  DSS would be knocking on my door checking to see if I was a raving lunatic!

Sometimes the side effects of the medicine are worst than the problem you are trying to cure.  That’s all I need to say on that, believe me you don’t want me to go into detail, that would be over sharing.

I like to knit, unlike Elle who thinks crafts were invented by the devil, I like to be crafty.  The thing is, I have like 20 projects that I’ve started and not finished.  I have about 4 scarves, 3 baby blankets, 1 regular size blanket, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember what they were suppose to be.  I either have ADD or I just get bored easily.


I’ve decided I have some sort of strange creature living in the woods behind my house.  Last year I posted about this lovely find.

Squirrel Tail

Just the other day I found another squirrel tail, without the squirrel attached. Actually, one of my dogs found it and attempted to eat it before i had a redneck wrestling match with him over the tail.  So, I’m guessing I have some sort of scary creature that eats squirrels pretty much whole, because I haven’t seen any little squirrel skeletons around the yard. Anyone have any ideas what kind of squirrel-eater-tail-leaver creature we have?

Yesterday, it was almost 90 here. Just a couple of days before we were in the 40’s and it was freezing, now we hit near 90! WUWT? Because we’re leaving for Disney 2 weeks from today, I decided to go lie out in the sun so maybe I would be one shade darker than the blinding white I usually am. I even decided to be a rebel by not putting any sunblock on. I know, dangerous, right? But it was sooooo nice to lie there in the sun. Oh, did I  mention I’m also allergic to the sun? No? Well I am and every time I get too much sun I also get a rash.  One time we were vacationing in Maine at Point Sebago (love that place!) and I got hives from too much sun. So my idea was too get myself exposed to some sun before we hit Florida to maybe avoid the hives. Last night my face had some nice color and my nose was a little red. This morning when I got up, my face is back to it’s pale white, except for my nose, which is still red. So I either look like Rudolph or that I’ve been drinking. Lovely, plus I’ve got a nice itchy rash. I can tell you guys are soooo jealous of my red nose and rash.

I got home from work last night at 9:30 and my husband greeted me with “Sissy went to bed upset because she didn’t finish her homework. I told her you would help her in the morning.”

“What didn’t she finish?”

 “She has to write a poem for DARE.”

So in the one whole hour I have to get the kids ready and on the bus, I have to come up with a poem for DARE? How the hell am I supposed to do that?

There once was a girl from Nantucket………..Oh crap, can’t use that…….

Drugs are bad

They make you sad

You will fail

And go to jail

Okay, that wasn’t so hard.