Random Tuesday Thoughts~Rats! Keep Your Religion to Youself!

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The past few Saturdays there have been some unwanted visitors to our house. You know who they are. They’ve probably been to your house too. They’re Jehovah Witnesses. If you’re a JW, then no offense, but I really dislike people pushing their religion on me. My husband is just too nice. They’ve visited the past 3 Saturdays and he’s been home alone with the kids. He always answers the door and is polite. So now they think they’ve got a live one. The last JW even gave him a bigger Bibleish book and talked about passages they can discuss next time. I told my husband that if he doesn’t put a stop to it, they’ll be dragging him down to their cult headquarters church and before you can say Bob’s your uncle we won’t be celebrating Christmas anymore. I Googled JW so I could give him some tips to make them leave. I came across a long list of things that are forbidden to JWs. Here are a couple


JWs are forbidden to buy Girl Scout Cookies.

JWs are forbidden to have an American Flag or to say the Pledge of Allegiance

So DH is going to offer to sell them some Thin Mints and then salute the neighbor’s Flag.

The other night I was in bed using my laptop and I heard a rustling noise coming from under my bed. I was hoping it was one of our cats, but I was pretty sure they were both already downstairs for the night. I got up and checked the basement and sure enough, both cats were there. Crap! That could only mean one thing

Apparently, hiding my chocolate stash in my closet was a really bad idea!

Anyone know of a good exterminator?



Sorry no scary pictures from me.  I’ve been aggravated with people lately, big surprise huh?  That never happens. The first type of person that is annoying me is the “I have a cure for whatever ails you“.  Okay, first off NO OFFENSE, but I’m not into the “all natural” thing, nor do I believe in it, but someone continues to advise me on natural things that seem to cure everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  They probably have a cure for swine flu at the all natural store.  Today I was talking to someone about my son’s extremely bad allergies, well of course she told me about things that would cure him of them, they were “all natural“.  I listened to her, and after she told me about the Natural Cure, I replied with, “well, he’s allergic to nature, that’s the problem.”

The other day we had an issue with our cable.  Our cable wire has been ripped off of our house 3 times now.  Once during the horrific ice storm, once just by snow, and last week a big truck must of shredded it off of our house.  It was all over the driveway, and completely in the road.  I called Comcast and got a “comcastic” person, and told her my problem.  This is on a Tuesday, and she tells me that she can schedule an appointment for Thursday.  Um, hello?  Shredded wire, in road, cars swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid it, maybe you can get me a sooner appointment??  I notified the police about the traffic impairment, and actually someone riding by called 911 about a wire in the road.  So the big fire truck came and removed the wire.  The fireman also called Comcast..guess what…..Comcast showed up about 20 minutes later.  Moral of the story, get the police and fire involved if your cable goes out you’ll get a much sooner appointment.

Also that day because of the commotion I could not turn into my driveway.  I went to pull into my neighbor’s driveway and I glanced in my rear view mirror.  The woman behind me was staring in her rear view mirror at the firetruck and the mayhem at our house.  I was thinking that she was going to rear end me.  As I stopped and turned into the driveway she finally looked straight ahead and saw me.  She slammed on her brakes, swerved and laid on her horn for a minute.  Um, hello dumb-ass?  You weren’t paying attention so you should not be honking at me!  Somehow I accidentally gave her the finger.