Wordful Wednesday~The Sounds of Spring

This is a picture of my pansies that my Mom brought up for me for Mother’s Day.  They are really beautiful and huge!  Looking at the pansies, the other flowers around the yard, and listening to the birds, it seems spring has definitely sprung!  It’s been a bit chilly, but after the winter we had, any sun and/or temperatures above 50 are awesome.  Besides the bird’s chirping, there is another sound of spring around our home.  It echoes the halls, it keeps me up at night listening to it, can you guess?  I’ll give you a hint…..it sounds like, cough, cough, aaachooo, aaachooo, blow, sniff, and repeat.  Yes the sound of allergies!  Our poor boys are suffering with the itchy, swollen red eyes, the sneezing, and runny noses.  Our oldest is on Claritin, and allergy eye drops.  Our youngest is on Allegra, Singular and Patanol eye drops.  He’s a walking advertisement for allergy medicine, although he looks a lot worse than the people on those commercials!  As you can see by this picture, his eyes were really swollen that day, including his whole face!  Don’t tell him I put this on here, he’ll get mad.  Only a few more weeks of this, and then they will be done, thank goodness!


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