Random Tuesday Thoughts~Disney Version

Keelyat The Un-Mom started Random Tuesday Thoughts and we thought we would join in the fun. Stop by her blog and check out her awesome randomness.

This is my first post since I phoned one in a couple of weeks ago. The trip to Disney and then the surprise 50th Anniversary Party we had for my parents this past weekend really kicked my ass.  Who knew having 13 people at your house for a weekend would be so exhausting?

I can truthfully say, that after driving from New York to Florida, Mitch and I will never be contestants on The Amazing Race. I don’t know why someone would get so upset over one or two missed exits? Mapquest directions should be a little clearer that’s all I’m saying. I wouldn’t want a million dollars to be on the line and we’re fighting on camera about driving directions in Sri Lanka.

The next time we plan a trip to Disney World, I’m going to start training like I’m going to be competing in an Iron Man race and climbing Mt. Everest all on the same day. Because that’s the level of fitness you need to attempt 7 full days in the parks. By the morning of the fourth day I was accusing my husband of beating me with a baseball bat while I was sleeping. There’s no way that having fun could hurt that much. Apparently, I was wrong.

J-Man turned 7 during our trip and I made reservations for breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. It was a character breakfast with Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Funny thing is a character breakfast might not have been the best idea for a child with sensory issues. By the time Tigger came along J-Man pulled out his pirate sword and threatened Tigger with it. Fortunately Tigger only sustained minor injuries and I won’t be scheduling any character breakfasts again anytime soon.



You can have fun at Disney World even in the rain during a storm that puts Florida in a state of emergency. Although, you will get sick and tired constantly trying to keep your poncho from blowing around. Those ponchos also make it easier to get separated from the rest of your family. Everyone is wearing one of those ponchos and from the back everyone looks the same!

 I discovered that Dramamine is my bff! We were able to go on all the rides together without that horrible nauseous feeling that us old people get when our bodies move at all.

I also remembered that no matter how much work or how much money it is, I’m ready to go back to Disney World in a heartbeat! I do love it there!