Hot Dogs Make Me Throw Up!

I was supposed to work today, but J-man has a horrible cold and stayed home from school, which, of course, means I stay home from work. With only 8 school days left, I was hoping he would make it, but he’s just too sick. He needs to get better because we’re having his birthday party on Sunday. He had his birthday when we were at Disney World last month and you might think a trip to Disney on your birthday would be enough for most children. Sadly, not for J-Man. So that means I have to get ready for the most dreaded of things……a children’s birthday party. Really, there isn’t anything I hate more than having a kids party. It’s just sheer torture for me.

His party was definitely a last minute affair. I decided Tuesday morning when I woke up that we’d have the party on Sunday and my reasons were

1. The weather is supposed to be nice so we can have it outside

2. Sunday isn’t Father’s Day like I originally thought, it’s Flag Day. Oops!

3. Short notice probably means not everyone will be able to make it

Not having time to get invitations in the mail, I sent them out via evite. We chose the Pirate Theme and that’s what we’re going for at the party. We’ve invited 23 children not including the Birthday Boy and his sister. Ya, I’m crazy. You see, we ended up inviting everyone in his class so nobody would feel bad and then 4 other children that he’s friends with. As of this morning I have 5 Aye Aye Cap’ns and 2 Walking the Planks that leaves 16 I still need to hear from. I guess I better make some phone calls today.

I’ll have to bake and egg-free chocolate cake and somehow manage to make some sort of pirate or yoshi decorations for it. Maybe a pirate yoshi! That’ll be a snap,right? right? See, I’m stressing already. I’ve got party bags to fill and games to plan and alcohol to drink.

I can’t wait until Sunday at 4 when it will all be over. Then in less than 2 weeks, we’ll be having a birthday/slumber/pool party for Sissy. Last year’s b/s/p party was so fun! One of the mom’s forgot to mention her daughter can’t swim and panics and almost drowns very easily. So it became just a birthday/slumber party real quick. Hey, at least I know CPR. Then I found out the cook-out theme with hot dogs wasn’t the best idea when one of the girls piped up with “Hot dogs make me throw up” as she took the last bite of all things, a hot dog! Wow! Thanks little girl for making this b/s/p party even more fun for me. No b/s/p party is complete without a child drowning and another one throwing up hot dogs!

I just have to make it through the end of June, then things will calm down. I have jury duty sometime in July. That can’t be as bad as 2 kid’s parties, right?