Happy Birthday Sistah!!!!



In honor of Elle’s Birthday today, I figured I’d write a quick Happy Birthday post for her.  See, she is the one that does all those fancy videos with the music and stuff.  I on the other hand have no idea what I am doing on here most of the time so no fancy video today.  I’m sure she won’t like the picture of us I put on here, her and I hate pictures of ourselves!  I was trying to find her senior picture which is a really beautiful picture of her……..feathered hair and all!  But of course because I’m trying to do this quickly before she finds out, I couldn’t find it.  Okay, let me talk about my elder sister Elle……I can’t say that she was mean to me when I was little, which is hard to believe, because I was  am an annoying sister!  I always wanted to win at every game, and most of the time it was worse if I won the game than if I lost it.  I’m not a sorry winner, but a sorry loser.  Elle is 10 yrs. older than me, and she would take me on her dates with Mitch (her now husband), we would go miniature golfing, or to the beach, and when they had a family of their own, Disney World!  So growing up I have a lot of fond memories of her.  I have one memory that sticks in my head, when we were younger on holidays I would sneak into her room before our parents woke up.  That was always fun.  Now that we’re both adults (I’m probably debatable in that department) I think we tease each other much more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  She is my best friend, my therapist, my comedic partner, my cheerleader, and my ….sister. 

I’m sorry I just can’t leave it on a mushy note, let’s sing a birthday song for her…ready…..Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you smell like a MONKEY and you look like one too!