Random Tuesday Thoughts~ Magically Delicious

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A few thoughts from last weeks vacation. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the last time I rummage around my toiletries bag in the dark. Slicing my finger open on my razor is a good deterrent. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get on vacation, it’s never enough.

I brought back a recipe for Magic Cookie Bars. Any recipe with magic in the name is pretty much guaranteed to be super awesomely delicious, possibly even magically delicious. Also, I’m thinking that anything with magic in the recipe is calorie free…Bonus!

My husband and I came home with matching Red Sox t-shirts. I have to be careful when I wear it so we don’t look like those dorky couples who wear matching clothes. If you happen to be a part of one of those dorky cute couples that wear matching clothes no offense.

I found a guaranteed way to make sure Sissy never loses her lunchbox at school. She got a cute pink Red Sox one. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that here in the evil empire nobodys going to be taking it. Well, at least not to actually use it.

I had to go back to work last night, not so much fun. Once we make our internet millions I’m so out of there.


I live in the Northeast where people go hiking off in the mountains.  But it seems like every time someone gets lost or injured, the state makes them pay for their rescue.  I’m sorry, but unless you got lost because you’re a dumbass or something, you shouldn’t have to pay for your own rescue.  I mean, isn’t it their job to find you? 

I know I am not extremely fashionable or anything, but a few things bug me.  Like guys wearing skinny jeans, what the hell is up with that ?  Women wearing shorts with heels, not like sandals or wedges, but like high heels!  And don’t get me started on the beach attire!  I’m sorry but I know if I put on a bathing suit that did not look good, Elle would tell me because there is no way she’d want to been seen with me!

Are the people on A&E’s Interventionthat stupid?  I mean c’mon, they must know that there’s a show called Intervention on t.v.  So, if a film crew comes to your house from A & E and says they want to interview you for a documentary, guess what, you’re going to have an Intervention.  Also, I get so mad when I bother watching the show, and then at the end it says they’re not sober anymore!