Mental Defective Monday 26 ~

Once again our strangest, creepiest, funniest keyword searches for the week.

1.  BLUE MONKEY BITES YOUR BUM – Honestly, I’d be yelling too.

2.  Butt Paraphernalia – What? You’re seriously looking for paraphernalia/accessories for your butt? Good luck with that.

3.  monkey butt band – Wow, I didn’t know Monkey’s knew how to play instruments…..I hope they don’t throw “stuff” into the audience!

4.  pictures of rednecks in speedos – C’mon, real rednecks don’t wear speedos. They wear cut-offs.

5.  monkey butt ice cream – I’m thinking this isn’t the most popular Ben & Jerry’s flavor.

6.  what do you say to a blue monkey? It doesn’t matter because no matter what you say that blue monkey isn’t going to answer you idiot!

7.  monkey with heart butt – Ah, yes, the rare species of Valentine Monkey.

8.  ugly but monkey – Did you mean that the monkey has an ugly butt?  Because you spelled it wrong!

9.  chia pet butt – Wow, that has got to be the best present ever!  So the chia butt grows hair on it?  What says I Love You like a hairy butt!

10. monkey birthday party ideas – Are you one of those crazy people who has a monkey as a pet? 

11. hot dog in butt – You probably should head straight to the emergency room instead of Googling this. I’m sure those doctors and nurses need a laugh will be glad to help.