Pay No Attention to the Head on the Table ~ Random Thoughts

If it’s Tuesday, this must be, Random Tuesday Thoughts. It’s brought to you by Keelyat The Un-Mom. She really knows how to rock Tuesdays so go and check her out and tell her the Blue Monkey Butt sisters sent you!


Apparently somebody pissed off Mother Nature.  We had a huge wind storm a few weeks ago, and now we have had torrential rain and wind for 2 days straight.  Luckily the state of NH is still under a State of Emergency from the last storm, so they don’t have to bother making another one. It’s flooded everywhere, it’s just ridiculous.

Because of the crappy weather, I’m in a crappy mood.  Or at least I’m blaming it on the weather.  Yea, let’s go with that.

My knee is getting better finally.  I was able to dance a little bit Saturday night, of course that could of been the drinks I had…  I tried to wear heels today, that’s a no no.   Maybe in another week.

I’m hoping I can use the Wii fit soon, I haven’t been on it for so long.  I’m afraid of my Wii fit b–ch, she’s probably quit and run off with the male trainer, although if you ask me, I think she’s a little gay.  No offense



Meet Kimmy, the newest addition to our family. My husband, apparently,officially lost his mind and told Sissy she could have a kitten. Sissy was smart. She used the angle that “Snuffy isn’t used to being all alone. He really misses Jingle Bells” You can just make out Snuffy, pretending to ignore Kimmy, in the background of the picture. He has been a little lonely since our cat passed away in November, but I don’t really think my husband was that concerned over Snuffy’s aloneness. I’ve got to admit she’s adorable and I haven’t heard J-Man laugh so much in my life. He doesn’t really like animals (he gets that from his dad) but he loves Kimmy. Sissy is just bursting with joy over her little kitten. Last night I went in to check on her after she was asleep and Kimmy was curled up sleeping right next to her. Just what Sissy wanted.

Sunday there was a party at my parent’s house for my Mom’s birthday. I miss all the family parties because we live 400 miles away, but last week my dad got a webcam and set up Skype. I was able to attend the party, but it was a little weird in an Addams Family kind of way. Just my head was there, by the table, next to the dip. So I got to see everyone, which was nice, but still just weird. I guess I’ll get used to it the more parties that my head attends.

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