Slap Some Frosting on it & They'll Eat Anything!

I finally got the results from my CT-scan from last week and lo and behold Dr. Hernia was wrong. I tried to tell them it wasn’t a hernia but he didn’t want to listen to me. I go back next month for a follow-up and I’m not holding out much hope or have much confidence in Dr. Hernia right now.

On the upside, spring break has been going well. Originally the weather report looked totally sucky, but it’s turned out to be a beautiful sunny week. I took Sissy to bingo at the VFW the other night. I think it’s really important to expose my kids to gambling at an early age. We had a deal that if one of us won we’d go to Friendly’s for ice cream. It turned out to be an ice cream free night but we still had a good time. Sissy was soooo close to winning the $300 game. She only needed one number, that damn I-18, but lady luck wasn’t on her side. She handled it well and we’ll be back gambling playing bingo again this summer.

J-Man and Sissy both had friends over yesterday and I made egg-free chocolate cupcakes that even contained wheat flour. Not for the obvious health benefits, nooooo, it was because I didn’t have enough of that non-healthy processed white flour. The kids never suspected a thing. Slap some yummy homemade vanilla frosting on a piece of egg-free cardboard and they’d be happy.

I went and got my weekly blood test this morning and Mumbles was there again to draw my blood. I was less than thrilled because I really like the other lady that does it. I never have to remind her of my latex allergy. In fact as we walked by her she told Mumbles that I had a latex allergy and to get the right gloves. She did an okay job and it wasn’t too painful, but when she took off her gloves there was dirt under her fingernails. Ewwwwwwwww totally skeeved me out.

We watched the season finale of Project Runway this morning. Poor J-Man has been sitting through it with us. I’m starting to worry that he knows waaaaay too much about fashion for a 7 year old boy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ll take him outside later and we’ll play catch and some other boyish activities, something to offset the fashion filled morning. Sissy loves Project Runway and has been carrying around a sketchpad full of her designs for weeks. Right now she’s planning on becoming a fashion designer. She’s going to need to learn how to sew and I’ve got some news for her, just because I own a sewing machine doesn’t mean I can sew. She’s out of luck having the most craft-challenged mother in the history of mothers. She told me that when she’s a famous fashion designer she’ll share her money with us and buy her little brother all the video games he wants. Which reminded me of her oldest sister and what she once told me when she was 4. She planned on being an architect and building a house big enough for all of us to live in. I told her that was sweet and her response “That way I can tell you what to do.” Ya, I won’t be living with miss bossy-pants when I’m old. I think I’ll be safer with Sissy. I know it’s been 22 years since she said it, but I’m not taking any chances. I still love you though honey!